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Do you have any tips on mounting when needing to mount the probe in a water channel?

The pictures below show the "XYZ-ProbeCarriage" made at Minnesota State University, Mankato. The design makes it possible to set up the Vectrino to roll up and down the length of the water channel, set the depth and move the probe side to side.

Note the clamping solution and that the it clamps the Vectrino in using the grooves in the Vectrino housing!

Probe Pic Side2
Probe Pic Side1
The carriage has two (X and Z) precision "manual-positioning Slides". 45.4 kg (100 lbs) capacity and 35,6 cm (14'') stroke (www,mcmaster.com, part number 5242A35

For anyone interesting in mounting Vectrinos/Vectrino Profilers, we hope the information above is useful. If you have some examples of your own successful mounting and want to share it with others, we welcome pictures and a short description of the setup; send it to support@nortekgroup.com

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