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How are number of pings divided in the Signature series?

The pings will be spread out in the average interval to the nearest whole number rounded down. For example, average interval = 60s would ping every 4 seconds or every 23 seconds for 300s, when number of pings =13. For example, it would be difficult to divide 13 pings precisely into 20 seconds (=1.538).

The number of pings averaged (related to measurement load) is automatically set so that horizontal precision <1cm/s. Users who measure current profiles are mainly interested in the average velocity (with high precision) at a given measurement interval. The reaons why we do not "fill" the averaging interval with pings is because it would essentially defeat the purpose of broadband, i.e., low power consumption for high precision (low standard deviation). If a user is interested in studying a phenomenon for a set period of time they should use burst settings.

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