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How can we get the Nortek standard control software to start-up automatically?

Various command line options are available in the Nortek standard control software. These are used to enable advanced execution modes and solve serial communication  problems. A command line switch is set by right clicking on the programs's shortcut, going to properties, and adding it (with a space) to the end of the Target Line on the Shortcut Tab.  

Example:   "C:\Nortek\Aquadopp\Aquadopp.exe" -OPTION

The following table lists the available options

Example: Automatic start of AquaPro software

Here are a couple of ways to use command line options in the AquaPro software to do auto start and to connect to an incoming serial data stream:

1) Configure and start the instrument. This option stops data collection if the instrument is collecting data. It then configures the instrument using the settings in the specified .dep file and restarts. Usage:

c:\nortek\aquapro\aquapro.exe -r config.dep

2) Start receiving only. This just connects to the instrument and starts receiving data without configuring it.

c:\nortek\aquapro\aquapro.exe -s -l config.dep

Note that you should include the .dep file (the configuration used when starting the instrument the first time) on the command line in this case too. This is to ensure the software setup is consistent with the instrument.

You may also include -f to automatically start/resume data recording to a disk file. Select Disk file in the Online menu to specify filename and recording options. These settings are saved in the registry.

To automatically start upon a PC reboot create a shortcut to the Aquapro program in the Startup folder and modify the target according to the above.

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