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How do I change the orientation on my Signature from horizontal to vertical?

The relevant background information can be found in the Integrators Guide; https://www.nortekgroup.com/assets/software/N3015-007-Integrators-Guide-AD2CP.pdf, and it is expected that you take a look at this before communicating with the instrument using commands. 

To change the orientation you will need to go into the command mode of the instrument. 

  1. Open a Terminal Emulator
  2. Send a break, to confirm you are properly connected
  3. Send SETINST,ORIENT=ZUP (reference: see Table 1 in the Integrators Guide)
  4. Send SAVE, INST (this saves all the parameters set by the SETINST command)

If you receive an OK, then send the GETINST to confirm the orientation is set to ZUP
If ERROR, send a GETERROR and try to understand what went wrong.

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