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How do I store every ping from my Signature (ADCP)?

The Signature series allows users to store the raw data from every ping in Burst mode. The number of pings defines how many pings will be averaged together, thus improving precision, before storing to recorder. In the case where you wish to record individual pings, number of pings should be equal to 1. This can be accomplished by selecting the desired sampling rate and setting the measurement load to minimum (Auto off).

Essentially, the sampling rate defines how often data is written to the recorder. By changing the sampling rate we allow for the flexibility to tailor your deployment around the power usage and precision. Try changing the sampling rate and observe how these two parameters and also the burst duration changes. 

Example: Signature1000 set to measure Burst using 5 beams. The maximum sampling rate is 8Hz (for both the vertical beam and four slanted beams, total 16Hz). Set to measure 8192 samples at 8Hz every hour. This means all 8192 individual pings will be recorded over 1024s (~17 minutes). It will repeat this measurement sequence every hour and generate 5805MB of data over 30 days. Single ping standard deviation (horizontal) is 7.34 cm/s for 0.5m cells.

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