FAQ / Ocean currents

Ocean currents

Find answers to your questions about measuring ocean currents.

What is the minimum velocity an ADCP can measure?
How are number of pings divided in the Signature series?
Does the Signature series have full 3D compass and tilt readings?
How do I store every ping from my Signature (ADCP)?
What does Long range mode mean for my Signature instruments?
Is it possible to remove the need to enter a username and password from the Nortek Signature command interface?
When I deploy a Signature, do I have to stop it in order to open the terminal window?
How do I configure and Deploy a Signature55 when using telemetry?
What is the *.hr2 file?
Can I get better accuracy than +/- 0.5 seconds on the Aquadopp RTC?
How can I counteract for any movement caused by surface waves when instrument is mounted on a boat?
Does the AquaPro HR measure velocities in separate cells along the vertical profile or along the beams?
What data are contained in the file formats? (eg. AquaPro)
Do I need to calibrate Nortek instruments?
What are the different Doppler measurement techniques? How do they compare?
What factors affect maximum profiling range?
Can I estimate sediments, SSC or plankton from acoustic backscattering?
Is it possible to post-process data for speed of sound errors?
How is a Coordinate transformation done?
How do I change my Signature configuration (.deploy file) outside of the Deployment software?
What can I do when I receive an error message when deploying my Signature?
Is the Doppler noise constant with range?
How do I return a damaged instrument? What is a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number?
How do I change the orientation on my Signature from horizontal to vertical?
What is the maximum configurable baud rate for Signatures?
What is the maximum horizontal profiling range for a 2D profiler?
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