FAQ / Velocimeters


Find answers to your questions about velocimeters.

What is the minimum velocity a velocimeter can measure?
How can I use the Probe Check?
Can we extend the 30 mm profiling range of the Vectrino Profiler?
Do you have any information about the Vector with the IMU option?
My adjacent profiles on a vertical do not line up. Why is that?
Can I use the Vectrino/Vectrino Profiler in coastal water?
How much seeding is needed?
What is the relationship between the nominal and the vertical & horizontal velocity range?
What is the maximum velocity a Pulse Coherent system can measure?
How do I remove the ambiguity velocity/phase wrapping from my data?
Measure on sync is not working?
How do I enhance Correlation and SNR?
Does the maximum sampling rate decrease with increasing profiling range?
What does the error messages for Vectrino Profiler mean?
What is the maximum velocity range supported by a Vectrino Profiler?
What exactly is meant by Distance from the sampling volume?
Is there a minimum distance I should keep from the bottom in order to maintain correct measurements?
What are Weak Spots and how can I avoid them?
What are the differences/advantages between a side-looking and a down-looking Vectrino probe?
What is the difference between Z1 and Z2?
Why does the distance check show the wrong values?
What is the Distance Check measuring?
How do I change probes on my Vectrino?
How does the Vector coordinate system work?
How to get directional wave spectra from Vectrino Profiler data?
How do I identify weak spots in Vectrino Profiler data?
How can I make sure the Vectrino Profiler is not tilted?
Does the accuracy differ with profiling range?
Can we obtain signal and noise information separately?
How is the amplitude [dB] and correlation [%] calculated?
Do I need to calibrate Nortek instruments?
What are the different Doppler measurement techniques? How do they compare?
Is it possible to post-process data for speed of sound errors?
How is a Coordinate transformation done?
How do you figure out the time to assign to Vector velocity samples?
How do I synchronize Vectrinos?
How do I return a damaged instrument? What is a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number?
Do you have any tips on mounting when needing to mount the probe in a water channel?
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