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What is the maximum configurable baud rate for Signatures?

The real time transfer rate from a Signature instrument is found through the calculation of memory consumption in the Signature Deployment software, and this memory usage is equivalent to the amount of data output in real time for the given configuration. In the Deployment Software you will get information about the minimum configurable baud rate and the Max RS422 cable distance possible, under the "Summary" tab in the "Effects" view. The limitations are given in the table below.

Maximum configurable baud rate  | Maximum cable length [m] | Data transfer rate

1250000                                       | 90                                     | 122 kByte/s

625000                                         | 187                                   | 61 kByte/s 

460800                                         | 251                                   | 45 kByte/s

230400                                         | 490                                   | 22.5 kByte/s 

115200                                         | 976                                   | 11.25 kByte/s

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