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HR current profiling goes down to the small scale

The pulse-coherent technology embedded in the high resolution (HR) version of the Aquadopp profiler provides a higher temporal and spatial resolution than traditional Doppler current profilers. A test off a dock in Coconut Grove, Miami illustrates the point.
The vertical component of velocity collected at 8 Hz with a cell size of 5 cm.

The 2 MHz instrument was mounted near the surface in about 2 m of water. The vertical resolution was 5 cm and the data output rate was 8 Hz. The motion in the area was dominated by short waves and chop with a period of about 1 second. As can be seen in the illustration, the HR Aquadopp had no problem resolving this motion and the selected profiles (right pane) clearly show how the vertical motion oscillates.

Low energy conditions

The HR technology is limited in its ability to measure high velocities, so it is mostly used in low energy conditions. However, it really excels in applications such as bottom boundary flow, lake flow, tidal marshes, etc.

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