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Example of vertical velocity measured by a Nortek Signature1000 operating in Pulse Coherent (HR) mode (courtesy of A. Shcherbina and E. D’Asaro – UW/APL).

U. Washington/APL use Nortek’s Signature1000 to observe fine-scale oceanic velocity structures

The 5th, vertical beam in the Signature1000 can provide unprecedented resolution when using pulse-coherent mode (HR)

Nortek has launched a custom-made subsurface buoy ideal for use with the Signature250 and Signature500 ADCPs.

A tailor-made buoy makes the deployment of Signature ADCPs even easier!

We have made life even easier for those working with ADCPs in the field: Nortek is now launching a custom-made subsurface buoy ideal for use with the Signature250 and Signature500 ADCPs.

The Signature VM Ocean is suitable for use on larger vessels.​

Simplifying vessel-mounted current profiling and biomass measurements

​By incorporating a current profiler and echosounder in one easy-to-install, vessel-mounted instrument, Nortek is making life more straightforward for researchers interested in current profiling and biomass measurements in the upper ocean b...

Finn Ivar Marum has taken on the role of Nortek’s new CEO.

Change of management as Nortek grows and develops

After over two decades at the helm of Nortek, a specialist in oceanographic instrumentation, Atle Lohrmann is taking on new challenges at newly started Hefring Engineering in Boston. Nortek’s new CEO, Finn Ivar Marum, has been entrusted wit...

Nortek has long sponsored young sailing athletes to enable them to learn and to compete internationally

Helping young sailing athletes learn and compete internationally

Sailors are as passionate about the ocean as we are. Nortek has long sponsored young sailing athletes to enable them to learn and to compete internationally. Currently, we are helping the athletes in the Nortek Sailing Team to compete on an...

Time series of backscatter intensity of beam 1 of Signature1000, deployed in Ems-Dollart estuary at 9 m depth. Instrument is located on the seabed and is directed upwards. Vertical resolution is 20 cm and outliers are visible in a range of 80 cm near the surface.

Two problems in sediment measurements tackled

ADCPs are great for current measurements, but can they be improved for sediment measurements? Absolutely! In this article you will find out how the Signature1000 echosounder improves two important aspects of your sediment measurements.

The Nortek 400 kHz 2D Profiler.

Explaining online measurement of oceanographic data

What is online measurement of oceanographic data, and how does it work? Read our explanation here:

Survey of currents around a dredge with a Nortek vessel-mounted ADCP

High-res echo profiles and other updates to Nortek’s vessel-mounted system

We’re continuously working to improve our system for vessel-mounted current measurements and related data processing. In recent months we have added a scientific echosounder, along with making several smaller improvements to our Signature V...

Port Melbourne office gives Nortek a platform from which to extend its reach and offer support throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Nortek opens Australian office to build on regional demand

Nortek, a leader in Doppler-based measurements in marine environments, has opened the latest of its global network of offices in Melbourne, Australia. This facilitates access to cutting-edge Doppler instrumentation for researchers and engin...

Nortek has been providing high-quality environmental data to the Norwegian aquaculture industry. This segment of Nortek’s business has now been acquired by Realtime Aquaculture in Canada.

InnovaSea Systems acquires Nortek’s aquaculture business

InnovaSea Systems has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Nortek Akvakultur, Nortek’s aquaculture division. Nortek Akvakultur will be combined with InnovaSea’s Realtime Aquaculture unit to form the InnovaSea Instrumentation team.

Nortek has developed a state-of-the-art Speed Log to support the maritime industry in achieving better monitoring performance and fuel efficiency.

Join us at Nor-Shipping and learn how Speed Through Water measurements can contribute to performance monitoring

Nor-Shipping 2019 will emphasize sustainability, technology and competence. You can now sign up for our Nor-Shipping seminar “Monitoring vessel performance with Nortek Speed Log”.

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