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Strengthening Nortek’s presence on the US West Coast

Nortek welcomes Chris Kontoes as Senior Sales Engineer and Business Developer at Nortek in California, USA. Chris joins David Velasco in the region as part of Nortek’s 2019 plan to open a Southern California office to better serve the expanding West Coast client base.

Chris will focus on the research and scientific market. He will manage complex inter-institutional/agency projects and lead scientific business development efforts in North America. 


Chris Kontoes, Senior Sales Engineer and Business Developer at Nortek in California, USA

Drawing on extensive field experience

Chris has nearly a decade of eclectic field experience from his time managing a coastal oceanographic lab in Hawaii. He has designed moorings and various mounting solutions, deployed instruments from both large and small vessels (some deployments as a diver), and worked with online systems. In doing so, Chris has gained an extensive background in successfully utilizing Nortek equipment in the field.

He enjoys drawing from those experiences, as well as from close colleagues, to assist others in finding success in the field and obtaining the best measurements possible.

Working with oceanographic instrumentation and technical support 

In addition to his time in the field, Chris has also worked with oceanographic instrumentation sales and technical support for several years. 

Chris was with Nortek USA during the launch of the Signature product line some years back. He was then leading efforts to work with initial users of the first Signature ADCPs as a partner in deployment planning and data analysis, while providing valuable feedback to engineering. Since then, he has also worked with various water quality sensors as well as CTDs (instrumentation for conductivity, temperature and depth).

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