AWAC 600 New
AWAC 600 New



600 kHz

Profil de courant et houle directionnelle en profondeurs intermédaires


L'AWAC 600 kHz est l'instrument de référence pour les mesures de houle à partir du fond. Des milliers d'AWAC ont déjà été déployés à travers le monde pour mesurer la houle directionnelle ainsi que les profils de courant. Avec une portée de 60 m et avec un échantillonnage jusqu'à 2 Hz de la surface, l'AWAC 600 kHz est l'outil de prédilection pour les mesures de courant et de houle en profondeur intermédiaire.

  • Currents
  • Waves

Points forts

  • Profil de courant et houle jusqu'à 50 m
  • Tracking acoustique de la surface (AST) avec un faisceau vertical
  • Utilisable sur structures fixes ou bouées de subsurface


  • Mesure temps réel du courant et de la houle
  • Design data for planning of new coastal structures
  • Aménagement de structures côtières
  • Étude érosion côtière
  • Campagne de mesures où le spectre directionnel total de houle est souhaité
  • Étude d'agitation en milieu portuaire
  • Étude des courants de marée


Designed for straightforward and reliable current and wave measurements in up to 50m of water, the AWAC 600kHz is configured using Nortek deployment software before installation. The AWAC is often considered the industry standard in wave measurements.


AWACs are often bottom-mounted and/or implemented as part of real-time wave monitoring systems. Leading industry partners offer bespoke frames and buoys for the AWAC, Multiple communication protocols make simultaneous power and data transmission easy.


Optional onboard wave processing allows real-time streaming of wave parameters to users onshore. Nortek’s SUV processing method (exclusive to AWACs and Signatures) enables quality wave measurements from a moving subsurface buoy. Nortek postprocessing software and/or display software is available for review or visualization of data, after deployment or in real time.

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Maximum profiling range

50 m

Cell size

0.5-8.0 m

Number of cells

Typical 20-40, max. 128

Velocity range

±10 m/s horizontal, ±5 m/s along beam


±1% of measured value ±0.5 cm/s

Velocity precision

Consult instrument software

Maximum output rate

1 Hz

Internal sampling rate

4 Hz


Same as velocity


0.45 dB

Dynamic range

90 dB

Transducer acoustic frequency

600 kHz

Number of beams

3 beams 120° apart, one vertical beam, (90° apart, one at 5° for platform mount)

Beam width


Beam width vertical beam


Maximum depth

60 m

Data types

Pressure, one velocity along each beam, AST

Sampling rate velocity (output)

1 Hz

Sampling rate AST (output)

2 Hz

No. of samples per burst

512, 1024 or 2048


-15 to 15 m

Accuracy/resolution (Hs)

< 1% of measured value / 1 cm

Accuracy/resolution (Dir)

2° / 0.1°

Period range

1-50 s

Cut-off period (Hs)

5 m depth: 0.5 sec, 20 m depth: 0.9 sec, 60 m depth: 1.5 sec

Cut-off period (dir)

5 m depth: 1.5 sec, 20 m depth: 3.1 sec, 60 m depth: 5.5 sec


Thermistor embedded in housing

Temp. range

-4 to +40 °C

Temp. accuracy/resolution

0.1 °C/0.01 °C

Temp. time response

< 5 min




2°/0.1° for tilt < 15°


Liquid level



Maximum tilt

30°,AST requires < 10° instrument tilt

Up or Down

Automatic detect




100 m


0.5% of full scale (optional 0.1% of full scale)


0.005% of full scale


9 MB standard, 4/16 GB (ProLog)

Profile record

Ncells*9 + 120 bytes

Wave record

Nsamples*24 + 1k bytes


Stop when full (default and Prolog) or wrap mode


±1 min/year

Backup in absence of power

1 year


RS-232 or RS-422. Software supports most commercially available USB– RS-232 converters

Communication baud rate

300-115200 Bd

Recorder download baud rate

600/1200 kBd for both RS-232 and RS-422

User control

Handled via ”AWAC AST” software, or ActiveX®controls. ”Seastate” for online systems

Output formats

NMEA, Binary. Prolog provides same types also for processed wave and current data


MCBH-2-FS, MCBH-8-FS, optional Souriau M-series metal connector for online use


PMCIL-8-MP on 10m polyurethane cable


Deployment planning, instrument configuration, data retrieval and conversion (for Windows®)

DC input

9-18 V DC

Maximum peak current

3 A

Avg. power consumption

0.76 W

Sleep current

< 100 μA

Transmit Power

1-30W, 3 adjustable levels

Operating temperature

-4 to +40 °C

Storage temperature

-20 to +60 °C

Shock and vibration

IEC 721-3-2

EMC approval

IEC 61000

Depth rating

300 m

Standard model

POM and polyurethane plastics with titanium fasteners

Maximum diameter

210 mm

Maximum length

203 mm

Weight in air

6.2 kg

Weight in water

2.9 kg

Polyurethane jacket, Shore D hardness, 13 mm in diameter, max 2 km. Inquire for longer cables


540Wh (alkaline) or 1800 W (lithium)

Declaration of conformity

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