Monitoring a ferry channel in the Netherlands with a vessel-mounted ADCP
A new buoy making the deployment of Signature ADCPs even easier
Discover a DVL ideally suited for subsea navigation

Data set of the month - Signature1000 using HR mode

Nortek collaborates with @delmarocean to help researchers understand the ocean for less:

News and updates

Introducing a highly accurate speed log for large ships

Intelligent data processing is central to the performance of the new Doppler speed log created by oceanographic instrumentation specialist Nortek, which makes sure that accurate me...

How to combat biofouling and extend your deployment

A current profiler covered with an accretion of organic molecules and organisms – so-called biofouling – will eventually have severely restricted profiling range. However, the impa...

Attend a joint training day with Nortek and Oceanwise – 24 September 2020

Whether you regularly work with metocean data in real time or have never attempted it before, you should come along to our joint training day on 24 September 2020.

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