We’re at Oceanology International 2020 and have some exciting ocean tech news!
Current profiling at a marine biodiversity hotspot in the Indian Ocean
Using a DVL on an ROV to map a horizontal wall
Claire Cardy with a special greeting from London. https://t.co/F5tqMZI01T #Oi2020 #oceantech https://t.co/l3AzggRkyy
See what was achieved in just a short period of time to produce #ADCP current profiles for a complex tidal area in Brazil: https://t.co/t3cbBT3gaD https://t.co/whnF1ZSori
Join us at #OiConnect this week! Book a meeting with us to discuss your oceanographic needs and find out how Nortek can support you: https://t.co/QOg3nT8zwc #Oi2020 #oceantech https://t.co/pEj92JUiDG

News and updates

Revealing complex tidal flows in the Santos Estuary with a vessel-mounted ADCP

A demonstration using a vessel-mounted Signature500 ADCP in Brazil illustrates the level of knowledge that users can achieve through a simple deployment of the latest acoustic Dopp...

Current and wave monitoring supports a natural solution for Dutch flood defense

Nortek has been working closely with the Dutch government and research institutions to monitor how waves and currents would affect the pioneering use of artificial sandbanks to pro...

Nortek redefines current profiling from autonomous vehicles

Installation and operation of current profiling instruments on remote unmanned or autonomous surface vehicles (USVs and ASVs) can be fraught with difficulties. Nortek has made it a...

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