A new buoy making the deployment of Signature ADCPs even easier
A cutting-edge solution for advanced ocean research
Discover a DVL ideally suited for subsea navigation

News and updates

Did you ever wonder what happened to the Nortek Technical Forum?

Direct questions to the community are back again! And if you are looking for content that was buried in the older postings, check the content of our revised and reworked support FA...

Field testing a new anti-biofouling technique for ADCPs

Biofouling is a problem that may not come top of all marine scientists’ priorities when preparing underwater instruments for deployment. However, in some conditions, it is an issue...

What to keep in mind when using the mighty – but sometimes unruly – Pulse Coherent Doppler method

Nortek’s tech expert David Velasco outlines the three main methods that exist to measure water speed with acoustics, and explains why the Pulse Coherent Doppler method must be used...

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