Nortek Netherlands launches River Insight - a new solution that focuses on river discharge
Improving metocean forecasts with wave and current data from an extreme ocean environment
New to Doppler instrumentation? Want to learn more? Look no further than our new guide to ADCPs.
Opening up a new world of possibilities with a compact 500 kHz DVL

High-resolution current data in estuarine and near-shore environments

Metocean monitoring systems in ports have become increasingly popular in recent years. In what ways can such environmental data improve operations in ports across the world? Find out what operators at ports in Brazil have learned: #metocean #ADCP #maritime
What are the benefits of anti-biofouling patches on ADCPs? Check out this post to learn more: #biofouling #ADCP #oceanography #marinebiology #marinescience #oceantech
Current profiling from a vessel has gained new importance in China thanks to recent infrastructure developments. Learn more about how Nortek's Signature VM system was used by hydrological surveyors. #ADCP #currentprofiling

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Shallow-water current measurement in intertidal creeks made easy

Australian-owned-and-operated hydrographic survey company Precision Hydrographic Services (PHS) recently deployed multiple Nortek Eco current profilers in creeks in northwest Austr...

Nortek in Brazil to partner with ADCP battery specialists Mitang

To ensure a constant supply of high-quality batteries for Nortek ADCP users in Brazil, Nortek has partnered with Brazilian company and battery industry leader Mitang.

A DVL that brings navigation accuracy to tank inspection robots in a harsh environment

The versatility of Nortek’s DVL is spotlighted by its integration on a pioneering autonomous robot that is revolutionizing fuel tank inspection while eliminating potential operatio...

Nortek makes advanced instruments to measure movement under water

Nortek designs, develops and produces scientific instruments that apply the Doppler principle to underwater acoustics in order to measure water in motion, such as currents and waves.

About Nortek

High-resolution current data in estuarine and near-shore environments

December2021 Fig2 100559 20200901 T085231 UTC

Velocity profile from deployment of the vessel-mounted Signature250 ADCP in the Bohai Strait, China.

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December2021 Fig2 100559 20200901 T085231 UTC
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