Combining current and biomass measurements for sustainable management of krill resources
Educational ocean tech webinars in English, Spanish and Portuguese
Gathering data with ADCPs to manage coastal flooding the natural way

Data set of the month - ADCP with scientific echosounder for biomass measurements

RT @embention: We are rapidly moving forward with the integration of the DVL sensors from @NortekNews with our Veronte #Autopilots. DVL (Do…
RT @dwvelasco: The Australian Antarctic Division will deploy a @NortekNews Signature100 with echosounder to study krill behavior. Good luc…
Harnessing marine energy requires accurate information. See how ADCPs help make this possible:

News and updates

Current measurement made simple and easy

Measurements of current profiles do not have to be complicated. Here’s why ADCPs in the Aquadopp Profiler series prove that current profiles can be easily obtained by users who are...

How to get discharge data from Nortek’s vessel-mounted systems

Discharge, or volumetric flow rate, is a key factor in the assessment of watersheds, estuaries and coastal oceans. To date, obtaining discharge with Signature VM data has been left...

New to subsea navigation?

Subsea navigation can be a challenging endeavor requiring highly specialized solutions. Here we explain, in straightforward terms, what it entails and the crucial role of Doppler V...

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