Learning from nature with bionic engineering and using DVLs to improve subsea vehicles
Unraveling the role of sea ice’s underbelly on ice dynamics with Signature ADCPs
Introducing Eco from Nortek. The world’s most compact current profiler, designed for the shallows.
Discover how the Caribbean island of Barbados has implemented a coastal risk management program to better understand and quantify risks such as hurricanes and sea level rise: https://t.co/BCFfYdWIzr #coastalriskmanagement #oceanwaves #oceancurrents #oceanography #ADCP https://t.co/yXbxo5VW2m
Self-driving boats could be the future of urban infrastructure, thanks to the Roboat project. Learn more on the newest episode of our podcast, The Other 70%. https://t.co/7Vpn1KXJCx #roboat #innovation #robotics https://t.co/jUMbbDSGfj
As fisheries are starting to harvest krill resources to feed the world’s population, this must be done in a sustainable manner. Scientists at @NOAA are now using new acoustic technology to truly “see” krill in the Southern Ocean. Learn more: https://t.co/V8Ja0jX8dr https://t.co/UE48gyU13e

News and updates

Why accurate subsea navigation was vital for an ROV assisting with deep ocean research

Pelagic Research Services was looking to improve the accuracy of the subsea navigation systems on its ROV. Find out how Nortek’s accurate and high-performing DVL paired with an ine...

Uncovering marine biophysical interactions with simultaneous observations from multiple current meters

Zooplankton, a diverse group of mostly microscopic animals, are famed for their daily mass migrations to the sea surface from deeper waters. By using an ADCP and a single-point cur...

Increased demand for ROVs and deepwater equipment indicates a more optimistic offshore market

The beginning of 2021 saw a very positive outlook for offshore operations and maintenance (O&M), with a record number of orders for Seatronics’ VALOR ROV and increased demand for d...

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