Your in-depth guide to understanding and measuring ocean waves
How do I maintain the best possible DVL range in ALL conditions?
Nucleus1000 - the core of your vehicle's navigation system
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Learn more about how @Squarerobots uses Nortek's DVL to help their robot navigate in an unusual environment: petroleum storage tanks. #DVL #tankinspection #autonomous #technology
A team at the @UW Applied Physics Laboratory is uncovering the relationship between sea ice and waves in the Arctic. To learn about their methods and see what they learned, check out the case study below. #oceanography #arctic #ocean

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Nortek internships pave the way for students and young professionals in a growing industry

Two interns joined the Nortek team at Nortek HQ in Oslo, Norway during the summer of 2022 as part of Nortek’s latest efforts to engage young scientists and professionals in the gro...

Introducing a pioneering solution for collecting operational current data

Nortek is proud to announce a new and modern vessel-mounted ADCP that provides reliable, real-time oceanographic data to support offshore operators making critical decisions.

Autonomous docking of resident subsea vehicles using Nortek DVLs

Allowing an inspection or survey vehicle to remain submerged for many months at a time has several benefits, one being the reduction of carbon emissions associated with deploying a...

Nortek makes advanced instruments to measure movement under water

Nortek designs, develops and produces scientific instruments that apply the Doppler principle to underwater acoustics in order to measure water in motion, such as currents and waves.

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Current profile data from an up-looking ADCP

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Current profile data from an ADCP mounted up-looking at about 300 m of water. Top graph shows water speed and bottom graph shows water direction. Tidal oscillations are clearly observed, including noticeable variations with depth. Click below to read and download our guide to measuring currents, waves & turbulence with acoustic sensors.

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Fig3 2022 01 26 185700 qcyd 9ac9f79a8d2046b71b7111e403e6a074