Introducing Eco from Nortek. The world’s most compact current profiler, designed for the shallows.
Measuring speed through water with greater accuracy
Providing navigation for underwater vehicles in pioneering robotics project
After completing its pre-programmed mission, the Eco #ADCP automatically floats back to the surface for retrieval. #Eco #portableADCP #shallowwater
See how the new Eco #ADCP has been helping Jessica Pate, a marine biologist with no previous experience in using oceanographic instruments, characterize current flows in one of the manta ray‘s more unusual shallow-water coastal habitats:
The first portable #ADCP built specifically for shallow water. Order now for free shipping before the end of March! #Eco #portableADCP #shallowwater

News and updates

Current profiling at a marine biodiversity hotspot in the Indian Ocean

Researchers from the University of Plymouth are revealing some of the secrets of one of the most environmentally significant areas of the Indian Ocean, backed by tailored current-p...

Nortek provides practical, technical training in ocean technology for academics across the world

For academics doing research with ocean technology instrumentation, not all skills can be developed in the lab. Geological Survey of Japan's Dr Mamoru Tanaka joined Nortek Japan fo...

Uncovering marine biophysical interactions with simultaneous observations from multiple current meters

Zooplankton, a diverse group of mostly microscopic animals, are famed for their daily mass migrations to the sea surface from deeper waters. By using an ADCP and a single-point cur...

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