Providing a higher level of accuracy with a buoy-mounted ADCP
Shallow-water current measurement in intertidal creeks made easy
A DVL that brings navigation accuracy to tank inspection robots in a harsh environment
See how Alseamar integrated a Nortek ADCP on their underwater glider

Data set of the month: High-resolution current data in estuarine and near-shore environments

“The Nortek DVL was just in development back then, and EvoLogics eventually became one of the early-bird users. Due to our long-standing relationship with Nortek, their DVLs have been the first and obvious choice for our AUV projects ever since”.
How can we measure wave direction using #ADCPs? A key factor is the way wave energy propagates below the surface. This webinar takes a deeper dive into ocean waves and how we can best understand and measure them. #oceanography #oceanscience #oceanwaves
Read the scientific paper featuring Nortek instrumentation here: "Flow-driven micro-scale pH variability affects the physiology of corals and coralline algae under ocean acidification" #marinebiology #ecology #corals #climatechange

News and updates

Using a versatile vessel-mounted ADCP to obtain high-resolution current data in estuarine and near-shore environments

The Signature250 is the lowest-frequency instrument (250 kHz) in Nortek’s series of vessel-mounted ADCPs. Designed to sample in depths of up to 200 m, this versatile ADCP is also s...

Providing critical metocean data for a major offshore gasfield installation

Nortek’s Aquadopp 600 kHz current profiler provided valuable information on sea conditions during the installation of a Malaysian offshore gas platform.

Deploying a vessel-mounted ADCP on a USV to survey currents in a complex river environment

If a river crossing can be mapped using a USV instead of field personnel, then the risk to life is considerably reduced. Ultrabeam Hydrographic equipped a USV with a range of senso...

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