Wave monitoring helps coastal risk management in Barbados
Supporting ocean conservation in reef habitats with the Eco current profiler
Real-time metocean monitoring system for port operations
Introducing Eco from Nortek. The world’s most compact current profiler, designed for the shallows.
"There are thousands of flooded mines in Europe. Many of them may still have industrial value, but it is difficult to know which ones. A robot that looks like something straight out of science fiction may soon be able to provide some answers." https://t.co/t8jBrPiqFW @euronews
"What data are contained in the ADCP data file formats?" The Nortek support team gives you the answer here: https://t.co/Uar8pH2lbZ #ADCP #data https://t.co/IQZquPw3QU
Please share your thoughts! đź’ˇ What will ocean research look like in the future? #oceanography #ocean #oceanscience #oceantechnology

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Unraveling the role of sea ice’s underbelly on ice dynamics with Signature ADCPs

Collecting useful and reliable data on sea ice in the Arctic is essential to understand the factors affecting the global climate. How can researchers use next-generation ADCPs to c...

The Other 70%: Connecting the ocean to our daily lives with the Nortek podcast

The ocean affects many aspects of day-to-day life for nearly everyone on Earth, yet these connections are often overlooked. In The Other 70% podcast, we highlight companies, indivi...

Learning from nature with bionic engineering and using DVLs to improve subsea vehicles

Find out how Nortek’s Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) is bringing greater navigational accuracy to impressive bionic subsea vehicles that use techniques adapted from marine life to impr...

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