Nortek providing training for vessel-mounted ADCP applications in Peru
Understanding the processes behind coastal erosion and sediment transport
Your in-depth guide to understanding and measuring ocean waves
Nucleus1000 - the core of your vehicle's navigation system
How can an #ADCP tell you which direction a #wave is traveling in? The answer lies beneath the surface. If you're new to wave measurement and want to learn more, our waves wiki is perfect for you. #oceanography
Test campaigns are a crucial part of the process with all of Nortek's instruments and systems. Read more on how Nortek team tested vessel-mounted instruments in the south of France: #ADCP #echosounder #currents

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Nortek internships pave the way for students and young professionals in a growing industry

Two interns joined the Nortek team at Nortek HQ in Oslo, Norway during the summer of 2022 as part of Nortek’s latest efforts to engage young scientists and professionals in the gro...

How atmospheric and oceanographic research helps improve understanding of past climates and geology

Studying the formation of salt layers in the Dead Sea helps researchers understand Earth’s geological history and past climatic conditions. Scientists at the Dead Sea Observatory a...

Nortek Navigation Days: connecting our global navigation community

Nortek’s Boston Navigation Day on November 15th marked the final Navigation Day of 2022, wrapping up a global series of five events spread over four continents. Each event brought ...

Nortek makes advanced instruments to measure movement under water

Nortek designs, develops and produces scientific instruments that apply the Doppler principle to underwater acoustics in order to measure water in motion, such as currents and waves.

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Measuring the erosive force of infragravity waves with ADCPs

Infragravity wave height measured 9ac9f79a8d2046b71b7111e403e6a074

Top panel: Infragravity wave height measured by the Signature1000 ADCPs at 14 m (blue) and 8 m (red) depth during the five-month campaign. The infragravity wave height is higher at the shallower frame, indicating a growth of the infragravity waves. Bottom panel: Wave energy spectrum during the five-month campaign. The horizontal red lines indicate the infragravity frequency band. Energy at frequencies > 0.04 Hz is related to wind-generated waves.

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Infragravity wave height measured 9ac9f79a8d2046b71b7111e403e6a074