Studying environmental DNA and ocean currents to locate fish aggregations in Puerto Rico
Integrating DVLs on USVs for robust navigation capabilities
Using ADCPs to support an expanding offshore wind energy industry
Introducing Eco from Nortek. The world’s most compact current profiler, designed for the shallows.

Data set of the month - vertical echosounder data showing manta rays feeding in the Maldives

Our support team takes you through wave analysis with Nortek’s Storm software: #oceanography #oceantech #oceanscience
RT @workboat365: Integrating a @NortekNews DVLs on #USV for robust navigation capabilities @ixblue @InfoSEAKIT
The compact size of a Nortek #DVL gives #ROV operators increased flexibility in mounting the DVL, opening up doors for new and innovative projects.

News and updates

Wave monitoring helps coastal risk management in Barbados

The Caribbean island of Barbados is well known for its tropical scenery, rich culture and crystal-blue ocean waters. To conserve these healthy ecosystems and pristine beaches, Barb...

A DVL enhancing autonomous navigation for ROV net inspections on fish farms

Norwegian researchers are working on projects that are providing the groundwork for a revolution in aquaculture. As a small part of this revolution, Nortek’s DVL is helping to brin...

Supporting ocean conservation in reef habitats with the Eco current profiler

The innovative ocean conservation organization Blue Latitudes Foundation used the Eco ADCP to better understand the marine environment by artificial and natural reef sites off the ...

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