Using ADCPs to support an expanding offshore wind energy industry
Wave monitoring helps coastal risk management in Barbados
Supporting ocean conservation in reef habitats with the Eco current profiler
Introducing Eco from Nortek. The world’s most compact current profiler, designed for the shallows.

Data set of the month - vertical echosounder data showing manta rays feeding in the Maldives

RT @callum_rollo: Cool feature of @github : During my PhD I worked with data from a Nortek ADCP. I uploaded the user guide I wrote and so…
RT @Oceanscientific: One of our many buoy networks - 6 x 1.9m buoys, adapted to fit fuel cells, with subsea frames to accommodate an @Norte
RT @Alphillips200: With #ALR1 we have successfully tested our @NortekNews forwards look altimeter, our new avoidance algorithms and acousti…

News and updates

Studying environmental DNA and ocean currents to locate fish aggregations in Puerto Rico

Marine scientists in Puerto Rico are investigating if water samples can be used to determine what types of fish and other organisms are present in an ocean ecosystem, and how ocean...

Real-time metocean monitoring system for port operations

Metocean monitoring systems in ports have become increasingly popular in recent years. In what ways can such environmental data improve operations in ports across the world?

Learning from nature with bionic engineering and using DVLs to improve subsea vehicles

Find out how Nortek’s Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) is bringing greater navigational accuracy to impressive bionic subsea vehicles that use techniques adapted from marine life to impr...

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