Marine science and research

From oceanographers to marine biologists, many marine scientists rely on ADCPs for current measurement, wave characteristics, turbulent flow estimations and multidisciplinary research projects.

Nortek Marine science research3

Nortek equipment is trusted by leading scientists who conduct pioneering oceanographic research.

Coastal current and wave measurement

Shallow-water current measurements are important to marine biologists and oceanographers alike. From small-scale studies of water flow through mangrove forests to long-term observations of tidal currents, our sensors are suitable for a wide range of research projects.

Long-term open ocean current studies

Operating in deep water is challenging and requires reliable solutions that last from several months to years. Open ocean measurements of currents, waves and even sea ice can all be gathered from a single instrument, simplifying your deployment plans.

Turbulent flow characterization

Turbulent flow is highly variable and complex. Capturing this phenomenon requires the ability to measure on small scales with high sampling rates. Our Signature ADCPs and Vector velocimeters provide the necessary tools to resolve turbulent flow in detail.


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