Subsea navigation

Explore our comprehensive range of navigation products and stay updated on our latest innovations in navigation technology. Whether you are operating shallow-water AUVs or piloting ROVs at depth, our Doppler Velocity Logs (DVLs) are essential to subsea vehicle navigation systems. Often paired with inertial sensors like AHRS or INS, our DVLs ensure precise and reliable navigation tailored to your needs.

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Shallow-water navigation

Designed for applications up to 300 m, our lightweight DVLs provide exceptional range and reliability for subsea vehicles of all sizes.

  • Handheld diver-navigation systems
  • Hand-portable or compact AUVs and ROVs
  • Subsea survey vehicles operating in shallow water
Nortek Marine autonomy

Deepwater navigation

The deepwater version of our DVL enables vehicles to carry out missions of long duration at depths of up to 6000 m without sacrificing performance.

  • Navigation for large work-class ROVs with deepwater requirements
  • Integration on AUVs performing long-duration missions
  • Near-bottom operations in deep-sea areas
Nortek DVL UNEXMIN project robotics

Navigation sensor package

The Nucleus1000 expands the technological capabilities of small AUVs and ROVs by offering an integrated AHRS or optional INS in a compact package.

  • Integration on small ROVs or AUVs where payload is limited
  • Navigation for vehicles not requiring survey-grade accuracy
  • Combined current profiling and navigation solution
Nortek Nucleus


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