Our vessel-mounted systems are truly the state of the art. These acoustic systems, available in a diverse number of functionalities and profiling ranges, are renowned for their outstanding bottom-tracking performance and ability to measure currents precisely. Whether aiding survey and research vessels or assisting operators in making informed decisions in areas with strong current flows, our tools ensure optimal performance and reliability.

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Vessel-mounted Coastal

Our VM Coastal package is designed with simplicity in mind. It is a very versatile ADCP system that can be installed on a range of vessels that are required to conduct current measurement surveys while moving. The system excels in bottom-tracking performance, even during challenging conditions.

  • Coastal surveys, up to 200 m depth
  • Fifth echosounder beam for sediment measurements down to the bottom
  • Simultaneous current and depth information in one place
Nortek VM coastal

Vessel-mounted Ocean

Our innovative VM Ocean package seamlessly integrates modern design with functionality. Offering both advanced ADCP capabilities and an optional scientific echosounder for detailed biomass measurements, its distinct transducer design prioritizes precision and delivers an impressive profiling range.

  • 100 kHz and 75/55 kHz frequency options for ocean applications up to 1000 m depth
  • Four beams for current profiling with a range over 300 m with the VM 100kHz option
  • Optional scientific echosounder with the VM 100kHz package, with multiple modes for biomass estimates
Nortek VM Ocean

Vessel-mounted Operations

Our VM Operations package is precision engineered for challenging underwater currents. With its intuitive software and DNV type-approved sea valve solution, operators have essential operational data readily available. As offshore challenges mount due to unpredictable currents in increasingly remote areas, our renowned Signature ADCP technology can be integrated on operational vessels, ensuring accurate real-time insights from vessel to seafloor.

  • A 333 kHz frequency for range optimization
  • Concave transducer design allowing for flush mounting, independent of salinity changes
  • Serviceable in water without divers due to the type-approved sea valve
VM operations


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