Marine autonomy

As “underwater GPS” can’t exist, subsea vehicles rely on a variety of sensors to reliably navigate underwater. Our Doppler Velocity Logs (DVLs) are a crucial component of an underwater navigation system, providing speed over ground information and aiding in vehicle control.

Nortek Marine autonomy

High-performance underwater navigation solutions for any type of subsea or surface vehicle.

Underwater vehicles

From large work-class ROVs to portable or micro-AUVs, subsea vehicles need a DVL to reliably navigate underwater and to geolocate oceanographic survey data. DVLs are often integrated with other positioning sensors (e.g. INS) to provide these vehicles with a complete navigation system.

Uncrewed surface vehicles

Under certain conditions, a USV can lose access to its normal GPS navigation input. As a result, USVs often require backup from an underwater navigation system. DVLs are a cost-effective and efficient solution to this challenge.

Diver safety

Our compact and lightweight DVLs are integral to diver handheld navigation systems by tracking the position of divers on long-range underwater missions. They can also collect current profiles, which can be relayed in real time to ROV operators monitoring if water velocities are safe for divers.


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