Marine resources

Billions of people in our world rely on the ocean’s plants and animals for food. Growing human populations and climate change concerns are putting pressure on the availability of these marine resources and the ocean ecosystem.

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Proper management of our ocean resources through scientifically informed decision-making is crucial to sustainable human development.

Fisheries and aquaculture

To maximize catch and optimize output from fishing and aquaculture, understanding how water flows is beneficial to finding and feeding fish. With an integrated echosounder in Nortek’s Signature ADCPs, you can gather insights into feeding patterns and dynamics of entire marine food chains.

Seaweed and kelp farming

Seaweed and kelp farms can be a food source or carbon capture option. Choosing an optimal location for a kelp or seaweed farm requires knowledge of the oceanographic conditions. Information about flow provides insights into nutrient density and can also help monitor crops while they are growing.

Coral reef preservation

Reefs are beneficial not only for fish populations, but also for tourism. As reefs continue to degrade globally, understanding the optimal conditions for reef health is becoming ever more important, and monitoring flow conditions around healthy reefs provides valuable insights for protection and restoration of damaged ecosystems.


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