Nortek Signature 100K Hz Frontview Dypetset


Signature VM Ocean - 100 kHz

Delivers vessel-mounted ADCP capabilities with an optional scientific echosounder for biomass measurements.


  • Four beams for current profilingwith a range over 300 m
  • Optional scientific echosounderwith multiple modes for biomassmeasurements
  • A coherent and modern systemthat is quick and convenient tooperate


  • Until now, epipelagic ADCP surveys could deliver neither the resolution nor the range to examine the ocean boundary layer in detail. To study the biomass in this ocean boundary layer, you had to add a separate scientific echosounder.

    Nortek’s vessel-mounted ADCP current survey package, the Signature VM Ocean in the 100 kHz version, opens up new opportunities to measure currents in and beyond this boundary layer and to study its biomass simultaneously.

    The optional center beam is a 70–120 kHz scientific echosounder. Both the echosounder and the current profiler have an effective range of 300–400 m, providing unprecedented insight into the dynamics of zooplankton, krill or even schools of fish. Furthermore, natural acoustic reflectors can give new insight into small-scale physical processes, such as density gradients and internal waves.


  • Offshore operations
  • Upper ocean boundary layer studies
  • Detection of krill in the watercolumn
  • Plankton migration studies
  • Internal waves

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    • Water Velocity Measurements

      Profiling range** 300-400 m
      Cell size 3-15 m
      Max no. cells 200
      Min. blanking 2
      Minimum accuracy 1.0% of the measured value ± 0.5 cm/s
      Velocity resolution 0.1 cm/s
      Maximum sampling rate 1 Hz (1/3 Hz with BT and echosounder)
      Velocity range (along beam) 5 m/s
      No. of beams 4 slanted at 20°
      **) Depending on acoustic scattering condition.
    • Bottom velocity measurements

      Single ping std @ 3 m/s TBA
      Long-term accuracy TBA
      Minimum altitude 5 m
      Maximum altitude 560 m
      Velocity resolution 0.01 mm/s
      Maximum sampling rate 1 Hz (1/3 Hz with VP and echosounder)
    • Echo intensity (slanted beams)

      Sampling Same as velocity for slanted beams
      Resolution/dynamic range 0.5 dB/70 dB
      Dynamic range 70 dB slanted beams
      Transducer acoustic frequency 100 kHz
      No. of beams 4 slanted at 20°
      Beam width 6.1°
    • Echosounder option

      No. of beams 1 vertical
      Transducer acoustic frequency 70-120 kHz
      Sampling 1 Hz (1/3 Hz with VP and BT)
      Transducer beam width 15° @ 70 kHz, 8.7° @ 120 kHz
      Resolution 0.375 –4 m
      Resolution/ dynamic range 0.01 dB/130 dB
      Transmit pulse Monochromatic 70 kHz, 90 kHz and 120 kHz or frequency chirp (90 kHz, 50% BW)
      Transmit power 7.5-120 W adjustable
      Chirp signal processing Pulse compression or binned frequency response
    • Other

      Temperature sensor range / accuracy -4 °C to 40 °C / 0.1 °C
      Pressure Piezo resistive
      Standard range 0-1500 m (inquire for options)
      Accuracy/precision 0.1% FS / Better than 0.002% of full scale
      Compass and tilt Solid-state magnetometer and accelerometer
      Data recording 16 GB (inquire for options)
      Data cable 30 m Ethernet cable (inquire for options)
      IO Ethernet
      DC input 15-48 V DC
    • Dimensions

      Maximum diameter 460 mm
      Maximum length without room for internal batteries 350 mm
    • Environmental

      Operating temperature -4 °C to 40 °C
      Storage temperature -20 °C to 60 °C
      Vibration IEC 60068-1/IEC60068-2-64
      EMC approval IEC 61000
      Depth rating 1500 m – Bottom track is limited to surface vessels
      Connectors Straight fitted MCBH6F (Ethernet)
      Housing Small instrument housing
      Material POM with titanium fasteners
    • Processing unit

      Processor/memory Intel i5/8 GB
      Hard disk SSD, 500 GB
      Operating system Windows® 10
      Housing Half 19” 2 HE case or 19” rack-mountable 1 HE
      Dimensions 265x110x340 mm or 480x45x325 mm
      Input 24 V DC, 20 W typical
      Total weight 5.75 or 3.80 kg
      Connections Power, Signature ADCP, AN_GNSS, 2x HDMI, 2xLAN, 3x USB, 1x RS-232 (optional)
    • Nortek Signature VM acquisition software

      Acquisition Signature VM - binary, GNSS compass - binary
      Timing < 0.6 s, IEEE1588/PTP for absolute time stamping (GNSS/Signature VM)
      Configuration Signature VM (partly) GNSS Advanced navigation
      Display Vessel track in map, Bottom-track velocity, Velocity magnitude and direction, Echo amplitude (slanted beams), Echo correlation (slanted beams), Vertical echosounder: range-corrected echogram, Vertical depth
      Status Signature VM + AN_GNSS compass
      Output NMEA data strings online CSV, ASCII VMT, MATLAB VMT, MATLAB, KML
    • GNSS compass

      Brand and model Advanced Navigation GNSS compass
      Position accuracy (withdGNSS)/post-processed Horizontal : 0.6 m/0.01 m, vertical: 1.0 m/0.02 m
      Heading accuracy / post-processed 0.2 °/ 0.09°
      Supported navigation systems GPS L1, GLONASS G1, GALILEO E1, BeiDou B1
      Optional high-accuracy RTK variant GPS L1_L2, GLONASS G1_G2, GALILEO E1_E5b, BeiDou B1_B2
      Motion 9-axis IMU
      Communication Ethernet 10/100
      Timing PTP, NTP timeserver functionality
      Protocol NMEA 0183, AN Packet protocol, TSS1, Simrad

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    •  Main product


      Signature100 VM Ocean

    •  Probe type /head


      4-beam head


      5-beam head (adds 95 kHz center transducer for echo sounder)

    •  Housing


      Short, no room for battery (external battery canister for bottom-mount use)

    •  Memory


      16 GB SD card data logger


      64 GB SD card data logger


      128 GB SD card data logger

    •  Pressure sensor


      Pressure sensor, 0-1500 m, accuracy 0,1% of FS (standard)


      Pressure sensor, 0-100 m, accuracy 0,1% of FS

    •  Cables


      AD2CP: 30 m Ethernet cable with MCIL6MP, Power/RJ45 at dry end (standard)


      AD2CP: 30-100 m Ethernet cable (specify length) with MCIL6MP-PWR/RJ45

    •  Mounting


      Vessel-mounted over the side


      Vessel hull-mounted


      Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) mounted (please inquire)

    • Other


      Compass and tilt sensor




      High Accuracy Heading GNSS (RTK)

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