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Nortek Nucleus frontview low
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A sensor hub that makes vehicle control and navigation possible.

  • Compact size optimal for small ROVs and AUVs
  • Integrated AHRS and INS for pre-calibrated attitude, heading, and position information
  • Dedicated vertical beam for altimeter information


The Fusion DVL1000 is a sensor package that has all the necessary sensors and data products to aid in subsea navigation and vehicle control. This includes estimates of distance from the surface and bottom, attitude, heading and velocity.

  • Currents
  • Bottom track
  • Altimeter

Points forts

  • Small size
  • Complete sensor suite
  • Proven performance


  • Small ROV
  • Micro AUV
  • Coastal USV


Unlike typical DVLs, the 300m rated Nucleus1000 is equipped with a pre-calibrated and pre-synchronized AHRS, temperature and pressure sensors, bringing users closer to true navigation while greatly reducing integration work. For those requiring a full positioning solution, the Nucleus can be provided with an optional INS firmware feature.


The Nucleus1000 provides many of the features of a Nortek DVL, including water track in case of bottom track loss, rigorous testing in the demanding conditions of the Oslo fjord, and multiple data quality checks, all in a compact package.


Integration of a guidance and navigation system on small vehicles becomes achievable, effective, and affordable with the Nucleus1000, enabling those vehicles to perform longer and more efficient missions. The Nucleus1000 software provides visualization of outputs and sense-checks of sensors, including a 3D visualization of the sensor’s AHRS.

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Maximum altitude

50 m

Minimum altitude

10 cm

Long-term accuracy

>1% (license-free), <0.3% (export-controlled)

Velocity resolution

0.01 mm/s

Single ping standard deviation

0.5 cm/s

Maximum ping rate

8 Hz 1)

1) Maximum ping rate is range dependent

Minimum accurary

0.5% of measured value / +-0.5 cm/s

Minimum range

2.0 m

Minimum accuracy

0.5% of measured value / +-0.5 cm/s

Velocity resolution

0.1 cm/s


User specified Nth ping

Maximum range

30 m


0.1 m

Cell size

0.2-2.0 m

Max # cells



50 m


1% of measured value


1 cm

Position accuracy of distance travelled


Output rate


2) Nominal position error, given as % of Distance Travelled. Value given is a reflection of a given set of operational conditions. Note that deviations from this specification can be expected in line with varying environmental conditions and integration parameters. INS functionality currently only available as export controlled

Pitch and roll accuracy

0.35 deg

Heading accuracy*

0.5 deg

Output rate


  • Heading accuracy for nominal conditions. Vehicles or environments which disturb the magnetic field will degrade performance

Pressure accuracy

0.3% FS (precision better than 0.003% of full scale per sample)


-4° to +40 °C ± 0.1 °C


800 μT

Repeatability over ±200μT

20 nT


50 nT


75 Hz


40 g

Bias - repeatability

6 mg

Velocity random walk

0.039 m/sec/√hr

Bias instability

135e-6 m/sec²

Scale factor stability

0.10 %

Sampling rate

100 Hz


2000 deg/sec

Bias - repeatability

1.4 deg/sec

Angular random walk

0.3 deg/√hr

Bias instability

8 deg/h

Linear acceleration effect


Vibration rectification error


Sampling rate

100 Hz

Operating temperature

-4 to +40 °C

Storage temperature

-20 to +60 °C

Depth rating

300 m


42 mm


90 mm

Weight in air

535 g

Weight in water

295 g

Voltage range

10-28 Volts

Average power

< 4 W

Maximum peak power

35 W


RS-422 / RS-232


10/100 Mbits Auto MDI-X.TCP/IP, UDP/IP. Fixed IP /mDNS/DHCP client /Auto IP address assignment. (Multiple simultaneous data format transmission possible). Data formats Nortek proprietary.

Frequency of operation

1 MHz

Beam width


Vertical beam angle

20 deg

End User Declaration
Declaration of conformity - Nucelus1000

Nucleus1000 General Arrangement - NGA0067-002 Rev.-

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