Profileur de courant avec portée au-delà de 1000 m pour applications autonomes ou temps-réel

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  • The Signature55 ADCP is a current profiler that combines an ultralong range with a compact layout. Novel ADCP transducer design allows 1000 m profiles concurrent with slightly shorter-range, finer resolution measurements using two different frequencies in the same instrument. The more than 90% lower power consumption (compared to similar ADCPs) also permits long-duration deployments operating on internal batteries only.

Points forts

  • > 1000 m current profiling range
  • Stand-alone and online applications
  • Concurrent high-resolution and long-range measurements


  • Observing deep-ocean current profiles
  • Current measurements for deep-water meteorological buoys
  • Fine and coarse deep-water current profiles

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    • Water velocity measurements

      Maximum profiling range* 1000 m (55 kHz), 600+ (75 kHz)
      Cell size 5-20 m
      Minimum blanking 2 m
      Maximum number of cells 200
      Velocity range (along beam) User-selectable 1 or 5.0 m/s
      Minimum accuracy 1% of measured value ± 0.5 cm/s
      Velocity precision Broadband processing, consult instrument software
      Velocity resolution 0.1 cm/s
      Max sampling rate 1 Hz (1/3 Hz at max power)
      * Maximum range depends on transmit power and acoustic scattering conditions
    • HR option (on 5th beam only)

      Velocity range N/A
      Cell size N/A
      Profiling range N/A
      Range velocity limitations N/A
    • AD2CP measurement modes*

      Single Average
      Concurrent N/A
      Alternate Single (coarse/fine)
      * US Patent 8223588
    • Echo intensity (along slanted beams)

      Sampling Same as velocity
      Resolution/ dynamic range 0.5 dB / 70 dB
      Transducer acoustic frequency 55 and 75 kHz
      Number of beams 3, slanted at 20°
      Beam width 4.5°-5.5°
    • Echo sounder option

      Resolution N/A
      Number of bins N/A
      Transmit pulse length N/A
      Transmit pulse N/A
      Resolution / dynamic range N/A
    • Wave measurement option

      AST frequency N/A
      AST max distance N/A
      Maximum wave measurement depth N/A
      Height range N/A
      Accuracy/resolution (Hs) N/A
      Accuracy/resolution (Dir) N/A
      Period range N/A
      Cut-off period (Hs) N/A
      Cut-off period (dir) N/A
      Sampling rate (velocity and AST) N/A
    • Ice measurement option

      Parameters N/A
    • Sensors

      Temperature: Thermistor in head (sampled at meas. rate)
      Temp. range -4 to +40 °C
      Temp. accuracy/resolution 0.1 °C/0.01 °C
      Temp. Time response 2 min
      Compass: Solid State magnetometer (max 1 Hz sample rate)
      Accuracy/resolution 2° for tilt < 30°/0.01°
      Tilt: Solid State accelerometer (max 1 Hz sample rate)
      Accuracy/resolution 0.2° for tilt < 30°/0.01°
      Maximum tilt Full 3D
      Up or Down Automatic detect
      Pressure: Piezoresistive (sampled at meas. rate)
      Standard range 0-1500 m (inquire for options)
      Accuracy/precision 0.1% FS / Better than 0.002% of full scale
    • AHRS option

      Accelerometer dynamic range ± 2 g
      Gyro dynamic range ± 250°/sec
      Magnetometer dynamic range ± 1.3 Gauss
      Pitch and roll range / resolution ± 90° (pitch) ± 180° (roll) /0.01°
      Pitch and roll accuracy ± 2° (dynamic)*, ± 0.5° (static, ±30°)
      Heading range / resolution 360°, all axis /0.01°
      Heading accuracy ± 3° (dynamic)*, ± 2° (static, tilt < 20°)
      Sampling rate Same as measurement rate (up to 1 Hz)
      * Dynamic specifications depends on the type of motion
    • Data recording

      Capacity 16 GB, 64 GB or 128 GB (inquire for larger capacity)
      Data record Consult instrument software
      Mode Stop when full
    • Real-time clock

      Accuracy ± 1 min/year
      Clock retention in absence of external power 1 year. Rechargeable backup battery.
    • Data communications

      Ethernet 10/100 Mbits Auto MDI-X, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, HTTP protocols, Fixed IP / DHCP client /Auto IP address assignment, UPnP and Nortek proprietary instrument discovery over Ethernet
      Serial Configurable RS-232/RS-422 300-1250000 bps
      Recorder download baud rate 20 Mbit/s (Ethernet only) - 1 GB in 6 minutes
      Controller interface ASCII command interface over Telnet and serial
    • Connectors

      Depending on configuration MCBH6F (Ethernet), MCBH8F (serial), MCBH2F-G2 (pwr), optional Souriau M-series metal connector for online use (14M)
    • Software

      Functions Deployment planning, instrument configuration, data retrieval and conversion (for Windows®)
    • Power

      DC input 15-48 V DC
      Maximum peak current 1.5 A
      Max. average consumption at 1 Hz 15 W
      Typical average consumption* 2 W
      Sleep consumption 100 μA, power depending on supply voltage
      Transmit power per beam 4-250 W, adjustable levels
      Ping sequence Multiplexing or parallel
      * 10 min. avg. profile, 1 cm/sec hor. Prec., Max cell size, max power, long range mode. Consult SW for other configurations
    • Batteries

      Internal One or two 540 Wh alkaline or 1800 Wh lithium
      Duration Depending on configuration, consult software
    • Environmental

      Operating temperature -4 to +40 °C
      Storage temperature -20 to +60 °C
      Vibration IEC60068-2-64
      EMC approval IEC/EN 61000-6-2, 61000-6-3
      Depth rating 1500 m
    • Materials

      Standard model POM with titanium fasteners. Reinforced polyurethane transducer cups
    • Dimensions

      Maximum diameter 648 mm
      Maximum length with room for internal batteries 547 mm (1 battery), 747 mm (2 batteries)
      Maximum length without room for internal batteries 314 mm
    • Weight

      In air, no battery 65.5 kg
      In water, no battery 25.1 kg
      Battery 10.0 kg (2 x 540 Wh), 5.8 kg (2 x 1800 Wh)

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    • Main product



    • Probe type / Head


      3x55 kHz transducer head

    • Housing


      Long (for two internal batteries or one battery and DSL)


      Medium (for one internal battery or DSL modem)


      Short (no internal batteries or DSL modem)

    • Memory


      16 GB SD card data logger


      64 GB

    • Pressure sensors


      Pressure sensor, 0-100 m, 0,1%


      Pressure sensor, 0-1000m, accuracy 0,1% of FS


      Pressure sensor, 0-1500m, accuracy 0,1%

    • Cables


      10m Ethernet cable with MCIL6MP, Power/RJ45 at dry end


      10-100m Ethernet cable (specify length in comments field) with MCIL6MP-PWR/RJ45


      10m Serial RS232 cable, MCIL8MP-DB12


      10m Serial RS232 cable, MCIL8MP-DB9 w/RS485 trigger


      Serial RS422 cable >10m (specify length in comments field), MCIL8MP-DB9


      Online cable, Souriau 10M open ended, (specify length in comments field)


      Online cable, Souriau 10M PWR/RJ45, max 100m, (specify length in comments field)

    • Other


      Compass and tilt sensor



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