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Integration of Nucleus1000 on a BlueROV2 opens doors for ROV users

New from Nortek support: integration tutorial for the Nucleus1000 navigation device with a BlueROV2.
26 minutes

The Nucleus1000 is designed to bring users closer to a full navigation system on their small AUV or ROV, without requiring the integration of multiple sensors. To aid users in the setup and integration of the Nucleus on their vehicle, our support team have created a tutorial walking through the steps required to integrate the Nucleus on a BlueROV2.

Download a PDF version of the tutorial here.

Step-by-step integration of the next generation of sensors and vehicles

The Nucleus provides many of the capabilities of a Nortek DVL, including bottom track, water track and current profiling, but adds an integrated and synchronized AHRS, as well as a dedicated altimeter beam. By incorporating the AHRS in the same sensor, velocity and heading information can be garnered from a single instrument, reducing integration work and payload. The Nucleus is designed specifically for small vehicles that may not require the survey-grade accuracy of other Nortek DVLs, but still need navigation and positioning, making it the ideal candidate for integration with the small, low-cost BlueROV2.

The tutorial from the support team includes information on the required materials, step-by-step instructions on how to connect the Nucleus with the BlueROV2 interface board, guidance on where to place the Nucleus on the vehicle, information on connecting the sensor to power, and more. Photos of each step of the process guide integrators through the procedure from start to finish. The team also created relevant driver extensions that allow the Nucleus to operate within BlueOS.

Data from the successfully integrated Nucleus allows the BlueROV2 to understand its relative change in position and hold station during deployment.

Opening new doors for ROV end users with low-cost, high-capability vehicles

The ability to quickly, seamlessly integrate a Nucleus on a BlueROV2 opens doors for ROV users with small budgets or limited experience. The growing and changing world of subsea robotics has shown trends towards smaller, lower-cost vehicles (such as the BlueROV). Sensors on these vehicles have had to adapt to match the new constraints and demands of the market. New seamless pairings such as the Nucleus and BlueROV2 meet the needs of teams requiring ROV capabilities who would otherwise be limited by setup costs and complexities.

As always, Nortek’s global support team is prepared to offer assistance and support to anyone with questions or experiencing any issues.


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