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Nortek designs, develops and manufactures acoustic underwater sensors that are used to measure motion in the marine environment.

Our ocean technology is used in many applications, from understanding the impact of climate change to providing navigational assistance to underwater vehicles. For example:

  • Engineers use our sensors to conduct offshore operations including construction, maintenance and surveying.
  • Underwater robotics developers use our sensors to provide new solutions that aim to increase the safety and efficiency of these offshore operations.
  • Scientists use our sensors to learn more about our marine environment and discover the unexplored depths of our oceans.

To support all these applications in a range of demanding environments, our state-of-the-art sensors are purposefully designed to be reliable and easy to use.  We work systematically to ensure that our solutions are robust and as sustainable as possible, while maintaining high quality standards. 

Our robust and capable underwater sensors are backed by dedicated software and our global support team. At Nortek, we are renowned for our strong technical expertise and responsiveness, ensuring customer success throughout every step of a project. 

Our objective is to excite users with relevant and future-proof solutions that are underpinned by the latest ocean technology.

Whatever the nature of your marine science or engineering project, Nortek supports you every step of the way.

Our values

Smart: Nortek is smart in its product development. We respond to our clients’ needs and we offer a deep understanding of the latest developments in science and research.

Innovative: Nortek is innovative and constantly develops new technology and solutions that enable engineers and scientists to measure the movement of water ever more accurately.

Responsive: Nortek is responsive, reacting rapidly to clients’ needs for help and support. Our relationship with them is proactive and enthusiastic. We bring insight that saves our clients time and money.

HQ, Norway

Vangkroken 2
1351 Rud , Norway


Tel: +47 6717 4500
Mail: inquiry@nortekgroup.com

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