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Nortek launches River Insight

Nortek Netherlands is pleased to announce the launch of River Insight, a complete solution that helps water authorities manage their discharge requirements.
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Due to increasing demand for accessible and reliable discharge data, Nortek has combined a package of sensors with simple software, and our strong expertise in this application to provide a robust solution for anyone needing to manage their water resources.

What is Nortek’s River Insight solution?

River Insight is a complete Discharge Data as a Service (Discharge DaaS) solution comprising a sustainable flow metering station, station management and maintenance services, and guaranteed discharge data flow.

“If we really want to change the sustainability and quality of discharge measurements, then we have to think differently,” says Rikke van der Grinten, Sales Engineer at Nortek.

“Because we provide a data service instead of a one-time hardware delivery, we force ourselves to think smarter about management, repair and reuse. We have a direct interest in supporting sustainable and high-quality discharge stations, which provides water authorities with reliable and timely data to make their decisions.”

To learn more about discharge data, please visit the River Insight website.

River Insight


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