Nortek Signature 100k Hz frontview
Nortek Signature 100k Hz sideview
MG 2288
ABS2 lowres
Nortek Signature 100k Hz frontview
Nortek Signature 100k Hz sideview
MG 2288
ABS2 lowres



1500 m

Long-range current profiler designed for combined current profile and biomass measurements

  • 300–400 m current profiling range
  • Optional center beam with 70–120 kHz echosounder


The Signature100 combines a four-beam current profiler operating at 100 kHz with an optional scientific echosounder.

Both the current profiler and the biomass measurements have an effective range of 300-400 m providing unprecedented insight into the dynamics of zooplankton, krill or even schools of fish. Likewise, acoustic tracer material can give new insight into small-scale physical processes.

  • Currents
  • Echosounder


  • 300–400 m current profiling range
  • Optional center beam with 70–120 kHz echosounder


  • Detection of krill or plankton in the water column with scientific echosounder
  • Upwelling and downwelling studies
  • Suitable for buoy mounting with internal AHRS


The Signature Deployment software guides users through setup to ensure even the most detailed concurrent measurement schemes are handled correctly and makes certain all users can fully utilize the capabilities of the Signature ADCP.


The Signature100 offers dependable buoy and bottom frame solutions from Nortek and leading industry partners tailored for the instrument. Optional AHRS improves motion correction during buoy-mounted long-range current profiles.


The combined scientific echosounder option enables users to collect concurrent velocity profiles and high-resolution echosounder data from a single instrument. Ocean Contour is a powerful postprocessing software created specifically for the AD2CP platform, and for expert-level biomass processing our industry partners at Echoview can be consulted.

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Maximum profiling range

300-400 m*

Cell size

3–15 m

Minimum blanking

2 m

Maximum number of cells


Velocity range (along beam)

User-selectable 2.5 or 5.0 m/s

Minimum accuracy

1% of measured value ± 0.5 cm/s

Velocity precision

Broadband processing, consult instrument software

Velocity resolution

0.1 cm/s

Max sampling rate

1 Hz (1/2 Hz at max output power)

*Maximum range depends on acoustic scattering conditions.

Velocity range


Cell size


Profiling range


Range velocity limitations





Average and echosounder



  • US Patent 8223588


Same as velocity

Resolution/dynamic range

0.5 dB/70 dB

Transducer acoustic frequency

100 kHz

Number of beams

4 slanted at 20°, optional vertical beam for echosounder

Beam width

6.1° (slanted)

Transducer acoustic frequency

70–120 kHz

Transducer beam width

15° @ 70 kHz, 8.7° @ 120 kHz


0.375–4 m

Number of bins


Transmit pulse length

0.5–6 ms

Transmit pulse

Monochromatic 70 kHz, 90 kHz and 120 kHz or frequency chirp (90 kHz, 50% BW)

Transmit power

1.2–120 W, adjustable

Chirp signal processing

Pulse compression or binned frequency response

Raw complex data storage

Configurable rate

Resolution/dynamic range

0.01 dB / 130 dB



AST frequency


AST max distance


Maximum wave measurement depth


Height range


Accuracy/resolution (Hs)


Accuracy/resolution (Dir)


Period range


Cut-off period (Hs)


Cut-off period (dir)


Sampling rate (velocity and AST)





Thermistor in head (sampled at meas. rate)

Temp. range

-4 to +40 °C

Temp. accuracy/resolution

0.1 °C/0.01°C

Temp. time response

2 min


Solid-state magnetometer (Max 1 Hz sample rate)


2° for tilt < 30°/0.01°


Solid-state accelerometer (Max 1 Hz sample rate)


0.2° for tilt < 30°/0.01°

Maximum tilt

Full 3D

Up or down

Automatic detect


Piezoresistive (sampled at meas. rate)

Standard range

0–1500 m (inquire for options)


0.1% FS / Better than 0.002% of full scale

Accelerometer dynamic range

± 2 g

Gyro dynamic range

± 250°/sec

Magnetometer dynamic range

± 1.3 Gauss

Pitch and roll range/resolution

± 90° (pitch) ± 180° (roll) / 0.01°

Pitch and roll accuracy

± 2° (dynamic)*, ± 0.5° (static, ±30°)

Heading range/resolution

360°, all axis / 0.01°

Heading accuracy

± 3° (dynamic)2), ± 2° (static, tilt < 20°)

Sampling rate

Same as measurement rate (up to 1 Hz)

  • Dynamic specifications depends on the type of motion


16 GB, 64 GB or 128 GB (inquire for larger capacity)

Data record

Consult instrument software


Stop when full


± 1 min/year

Clock retention in absence of external power

1 year. Rechargeable backup battery


10/100 Mbits Auto MDI-XTCP/IP, UDP, HTTP protocolsFixed IP/DHCP client/AutoIP, UPnP


Configurable RS-232/RS-422 300–1250000 bps

Recorder download baud rate

20 Mbit/s (Ethernet only) - 1 GB in 6 minutes

Controller interface

ASCII command interface over Telnet and serial

Depending on configuration

MCBH6F (Ethernet), MCBH8F (serial), MCBH2F-G2 (pwr), optional Souriau M-series metal connector for online use (14M)


Deployment planning, instrument configuration, data retrieval and conversion (for Windows®)

DC input

15–48 V DC

Maximum peak current

1.5 A

Max. average consumption at 1 Hz

15 W

Typical average consumption*

2 W

Sleep consumption

100 μA, power depending on supply voltage

Transmit power per beam

4–200 W, adjustable levels

Ping sequence

Multiplexing or parallel

  • 10 min. avg. profile,1 cm/sec hor. prec., max cell size, max power, long range mode. Consult SW for other configurations


One or two 540 Wh alkaline or 1800 Wh lithium


Depending on configuration, consult software

Operating temperature

-4 to +40 °C

Storage temperature

-20 to +60 °C



EMC approval

IEC/EN 61000-6-2, 61000-6-3

Depth rating

1500 m (for 6000 m version, contact Nortek for specifications)

Standard model

POM with titanium fasteners. Titanium/POM transducer cups

Maximum diameter

460 mm

Maximum length with room for internal batteries

765 mm (2 batteries)

Maximum length without room for internal batteries


In air, no battery

37.5 kg

In water, no battery

13 kg


10.0 kg (2x540 Wh), 5.8 kg (2x1800 Wh)

Signature 100 General Assembly - NGA061-007 Rev.-A

Declaration of conformity


4-beam head

5-beam head (adds 95 kHz center transducer for echo sounder)

Long (for two internal batteries)

Medium (for one internal battery)

Short (no internal battery)

16 GB SD card data logger

64 GB SD card data logger

128 GB SD card data logger

Pressure sensor, 0-1500 m, accuracy 0,1% of FS

Pressure sensor, 0-100 m, accuracy 0,1% of FS

Pressure sensor, 0-1000 m, accuracy 0,1% of FS

10m Ethernet cable with MCIL6MP, Power/RJ45

10-100m Ethernet cable (specify length in comments field) with MCIL6M-PWR/RJ45

10m Serial RS232 cable, MCIL8M-DB9

10m Serial RS232 cable, MCIL8M-DB9 w/RS485 trigger

Serial RS422 cable >10m (specify length in comments field), MCIL8M-DB9

Online cable, Souriau 14M open ended, (specify length in comments field)

Online cable, Souriau 14M PWR/RJ45, max 100m, (specify length in comments field)

Online cable for RS-422 interface box, Souriau 14M (specify length in comments field)


Compass and tilt

Data visualization and processing software for AD2CP. Request quote for license

Virtual COM port driver to allow Nortek's serial-to-USB converters to function.

Recommended upgrade. New features, fixes and functionality

Deployment software for all Signature series instruments as an installer file. You may download it now and install later if needed. Use the Help menu "Check for updates" function to get the latest firmware and software versions. Should a 32bit be required it may be downloaded here.

The installer file of Signature Deployment as available through Microsoft Store. Use the Help menu "Check for updates" function to get the latest firmware and software versions.

Deployment software for all Signature series instruments available through Microsoft Store. Use the Help menu "Check for updates" function to get the latest firmware and software versions.

Data viewer and post-processing software for Signature series instruments.

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