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Sample 3D velocity at up to 200 Hz for use in hydraulic models and laboratory flumes


  • Hydraulic models and flumes
  • Inexpensive alternative to laser Doppler velocimeter
  • 200 Hz maximum sampling rate


  • The Vectrino is a high-resolution acoustic velocimeter used to measure 3D water velocity fluctuations within a very small sampling volume and at sample rates of up to 200 Hz. It can be applied in a variety of environments, from hydraulic labs – where it is regarded as standard equipment – to the ocean. It is ideal for near-boundary flow measurements or to capture any highly dynamic phenomena in a hydraulic tank.


  • 3D flow measurements in laboratory flumes
  • Flow measurements near boundaries and in areas that are difficult to access
  • Flow measurements in physical models in hydraulic laboratories
  • Measurements of laboratory flume bottom changes as a function of time

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    • Water velocity measurements

      Maximum profiling range N/A
      Distance from probe 0.05 m, 0.1 m (field probe)
      Sampling volume diameter 6 mm
      Sampling volume height (user-selectable) 3-15 mm
      Cell size N/A
      Velocity range* ±0.03, 0.1, 0.3, 1, 2.5, 4 m/s (software-selectable)
      Adaptive ping interval N/A
      Accuracy ±0.5% of measured value ±1 mm/s
      Velocity precision N/A
      Sampling rate (output) 1-25 Hz (Std firmware),1-200 Hz (Plus firmware)
      Internal sampling rate N/A
      * The velocity range is not the same in the horizontal and vertical direction. Please refer to the configuration software.
    • Distance measurements

      Minimum range N/A
      Maximum range N/A
      Cell size N/A
      Accuracy N/A
      Sampling rate N/A
    • Echo intensity

      Acoustic frequency 10 MHz
      Resolution Linear scale
      Dynamic range 25 dB
    • Sensors

      Temperature: Thermistor embedded in probe
      Temp. range -4 to +32 °C
      Temp. accuracy/resolution 1 °C/0.1 °C
      Temp. time response 5 min
      Compass: N/A
      Accuracy/resolution N/A
      Tilt: N/A
      Accuracy/resolution N/A
      Maximum tilt N/A
      Up or Down N/A
      Pressure: N/A
      Standard range N/A
      Accuracy/precision N/A
    • Analog inputs

      No. of channels N/A
      Supply voltage to analog output devices N/A
    • Data recording

      Capacity (standard): N/A
      Data record N/A
    • Real-time clock

      Accuracy N/A
      Backup in absence of power N/A
    • Data communications

      I/O RS-232
      Communication baud rate 300-115 200 Bd
      Recorder download baud rate N/A
      User control Handled via ”Vectrino” software, ActiveX® function calls, or direct commands
      Analog outputs 3 channels standard, one for each velocity component
      Output range 0–5 V, scaling is user-selectable0
      Synchronization RS-485, start on sync, sample on sync,transmit on sync (Plus Firmware)
    • Connectors

      Bulkhead MCBH-12-FS, bronze
      Cable PMCIL-12-MP – see also options below
    • Software

      Functions Deployment planning, instrument configuration, data retrieval and conversion (for Windows®)
    • Multi unit operation

      Software Polysync
      I/O RS 232–USB support for devices with 1, 2, 4, and 8 serial ports
    • Power

      DC input 12-48 V DC
      Maximum peak current 2.5 A at 12 V DC (user-selectable)
      Max. consumption 1.5 W at 200 Hz
      Typical consumption, 4 Hz N/A
      Sleep consumption N/A
      Transmit power N/A
    • Batteries

      Battery capacity N/A
      New battery voltage N/A
      Data collection capacity N/A
    • Environmental

      Operating temperature -4 to +40 °C
      Storage temperature -15 to +60 °C
      Vibration IEC 60068-1/IEC60068-2-64
      Depth rating 20 m
    • Materials

      Standard model POM housing. Stainless steel (316) probe and fasteners
    • Dimensions

      Maximum diameter 66 mm
      Maximum length 350 mm (housing only), 365 mm (fixed stem)
    • Weight

      Weight in air 1.2 kg (1.3 kg with field probe)
      Weight in water Neutral (0.1 kg with field probe)
    • Options

      4-beam down-looking probe or side-looking probe. Fixed stem or 1 m flexible cable
      10, 20, 30 or 50 m cable with Impulse underwater connector
      RS 232–USB converter (one-to-one, four-to-one or eight-to-one)
      Standard or Vectrino Plus firmware
      Combined transportation and storage case

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    • Technical drawings

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    • Main product


      Vectrino, lab version


      Vectrino, field version

    • Probe type / Head


      4-beam down-looking probe


      4-beam side-looking probe (2D3D)


      4-beam field probe w/10-cm focal point (field probe only)


      Probe mounted on 36-cm stem


      Probe mounted on 25-cm stem (field probe only)


      Lab probe mounted on 1-m cable

    • Housing


      Housing with 12-pin underwater connector

    • Cables


      10-m Vectrino  Cable with 12-pin underwater connector RS232 with USB Converter


      20-m Vectrino  Cable with 12-pin underwater connector RS232 with USB Converter


      30-m Vectrino  Cable with 12-pin underwater connector RS232 with USB Converter


      40-m Vectrino  Cable with 12-pin underwater connector RS232 with USB Converter


      50-m Vectrino  Cable with 12-pin underwater connector RS232 with USB Converter

    • Other


      No multiple RS232 to USB converter


      RS232 to USB converter (four-to-one)


      RS232 to USB converter (eight-to-one)

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