Nortek DVL500 Compact 300m side
Nortek DVL500 Compact 300m side2
Nortek DVL500 Compact 300m Front
Nortek DVL500 Compact 300m side
Nortek DVL500 Compact 300m side2
Nortek DVL500 Compact 300m Front


DVL500-Compact - 300 m

Tracking du fond de 0.3 à 175 m. Opérationnel jusqu'à 300 m


The DVL500-Compact combines the compact design of the standard DVL1000 with the superior bottom-track range of the DVL500. It can fly higher in the water column and closer to the seabed than similar equipment, enabling small vehicles to do bigger jobs.

  • Currents
  • Bottom track


  • Bottom-track from 0.3-175 m range
  • Per-ping and per-beam data quality estimates
  • 300 m operational depth


  • Small vehicles requiring longer bottom track range
  • Compact AUVs with high accuracy requirements
  • Easy integration with leading inertial navigation systems (INS)


With the best balance of size and range in the survey-grade DVL market, the 300m rated DVL500 Compact is equipped for easy integration with leading INS systems to create a robust, reliable navigation system, tested and proven across AUV, ROV, USV and other platforms. As with all of Nortek's DVLs, the DVL500 Compact is compatible with top control software including EIVA, Seebyte and Greensea.


Tested in demanding conditions in the Oslo fjord, the DVL500 Compact has a proven track record in areas of variable bathymetry and conditions. The water track feature provides a velocity backup if the bottom becomes out of range. The spectrum analyzer assures thorough system level integration.


The DVL500 Compact provides reliable navigation in the most demanding conditions across multiple platforms. The addition of simultaneous current profiles improves operational safety and allows opportunistic oceanographic data collection.

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Single ping std @ 3 m/s 0.5 cm/s
Long-term accuracy ±0.1% / ±0.1 cm/s
Minimum altitude 0.3 m
Maximum altitude 175 m
Velocity resolution 0.01 mm/s
Maximum ping rate 8 Hz max

Minimum accuracy 0.3% of measured value ± 0.3 cm/s
Minimum range 4.0 m

Minimum accuracy 0.3% of measured value ± 0.3 cm/s
Velocity resolution 0.1 cm/s
Interval User-specified Nth ping
Maximum range 70 m
Blanking 0.5 m
Cell size 0.5-4.0 m
Max # cells 140

Operating temperature -4 to +40 °C
Storage temperature -20 to +60 °C
Vibration IEC60068-2-64
EMC approval IEC/EN 61000-6-2, 61000-6-3

Depth rating 300 m
Weight 1.30 kg
Weight in water 0.15 kg
Height 158 mm
Diameter ø 114 mm

Frequency of operation 500 kHz
Beam width 5.8°
Configuration 4-beam Janus array convex transducer, 25° beam angle
Internal memory 16 GB / 64 GB optional
Frequency of operation 500 kHz
Bandwidth 25% centered at transmit frequency

Serial (either serial or Ethernet) Configurable RS232 or RS422 SubConn connector, 8-pin male
Ethernet 10/100 Mbits Auto MDI-X. TCP/IP, UDP/IP, HTTP protocols. Fixed IP / DHCP client / Auto IP address assignment. UPnP and Nortek proprietary instrument discovery over Ethernet. IEEE1588/PTP and NTP for absolute time stamping. Multiple simultaneous data format transmission possible.
Data formats Nortek proprietary w/ 1 ms timestamp accuracy, NMEA0183, variants of PDx
Trigger Internal 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 Hz or Trigger In. Trigger option through command (Ethernet or serial). External TTL or 485 lines: (configurable Rising/Falling/Edges)

Pressure 0.1% FS /precision better than 0.002% of full scale per sample
Temperature -4° to +40 °C ± 0.1 °C

DC input 12-48 V
Maximum continuous current 1.5 A
Average power 3.0 W*
* Power based on 1 Hz sampling and altitude with greatest transmit pulse.

Standard models POM housing

DVL500-C, 300 m General Arrangement - NGA032-006 Rev.-

End User Declaration - Nortek DVL
Declaration of Conformity

DVL500-C, 300 m

4 beam head

Plastic housing, 300 m

16 GB SD card data logger

64 GB

Pressure sensor 0-10 m, 0.1%

Pressure sensor 0-20 m, 0.1%

Pressure sensor 0-30 m, 0.1%

Pressure sensor 0-50 m, 0.1%

Pressure sensor 0-100 m, 0.1%

Pressure sensor 0-200m, 0.1%

Pressure sensor 0-300m, 0.1%

Cable, 8-pin female Ethernet AD2CP with RS485 trigger

Cable, 8-pin female serial AD2CP with RS485 trigger

Cable, 8-pin female Ethernet AD2CP with TTL trigger

Cable, 8-pin female serial AD2CP with TTL trigger


Current profiles, 4 beams

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