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Shallow-water current profiles in a groundbreaking new package. Appropriate for first-time ADCP users, small budgets or educational use.

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  • The Eco current profiler is the first ADCP right-sized and designed specifically for shallow-water measurements. It allows you to measure water velocities in situ, through the water column using the same acoustic Doppler technology as other Nortek instruments, but in a more affordable and easy-to-use package. Simple buoy and bottom-mount solutions are available and designed to fit Eco off-the-shelf. Eco is portable enough to be put in the water from a paddle board or kayak by one person. While the Eco does not feature many of the more complex capabilities of other Nortek instruments, such as wave measurements, turbulence estimation, or echosounder data, Eco does present a host of new, unique capabilities.


  • Build your instant proposal in the Eco Webshop to submit to purchasing or buy online
  • Self-configuring data collection in various depths and water types
  • Seamless current profiles from 30cm to 20m from the instrument
  • Weighs only 1 kg in air and is only 13 cm tall
  • Built-in battery and inductive battery charger. No cables or connectors!
  • Integrated deployment and recovery system available
  • Automated data processing to ensure quality data reports with no prior ADCP experience
  • Built-in GNSS, temperature, pressure and tilt sensors


  • Estuarine studies
  • Sediment transport studies
  • Studies of tidal currents
  • Coral reef studies
  • Educational use

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    • Water velocity measurements

      Maximum profiling range 20 m
      Cell size Self-configured (profiling range 0.3-20 m)
      Minimum blanking 0.1 m
      Maximum number of cells 3
      Accuracy ±1% of measured value ±0.5 cm/s
      Maximum sampling rate (output) 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 10, 20, 30 or 60 minutes
      Velocity range (horizontal) ±5 m/s
    • Echo intensity (along slanted beams)

      Sampling N/A
      Transducer acoustic frequency 1 MHz
      Number of beams 3
      Beam width 3.4°
    • Wave Measurement option

      Type N/A
    • Sensors

      Temperature Thermistor in head
      Temp. range -4 to +40 °C
      Temp. accuracy/resolution 0.1 °C/0.01 °C
      Temp. time response 2 min
      Compass Solid-state magnetometer
      Accuracy/resolution 3° for tilt < 30°/0.01°
      Tilt Solid-state accelerometer
      Accuracy/resolution 0.2° for tilt< 30°/0.01°
      Maximum tilt 30°
      Up or Down Up-looking only
      Pressure Piezoresistive
      Range 50 m
      Accuracy/precision 0.5% FS / 0.005% of full scale
      Position embedded GNSS receiver
      Accuracy 3 m
    • Analog inputs

      No. of channels N/A
    • Data recording

      Capacity 16 GB (>5 yrs back-to-back monthly deployments without formatting)
    • Real-time clock

      Accuracy ±2 min/year
    • Data communications

      I/O Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
      User control Smart device and PC App with secure cloud storage Eco account
    • Connectors

      Bulkhead None
      Cable None
    • Software

      Functions Deployment planning, instrument configuration, data retrieval, secure cloud storage, automatic data processing, automatic report generation, deployment position mapping with embedded GNSS.
    • Power

      DC input N/A
    • Batteries

      Battery capacity 70 Wh rechargeable smart Li-ion charged by induction
    • Environmental

      Operating temperature -5 to +40 °C
      Storage temperature -20 to +60 °C
      Shock and vibration IEC 60068
      EMC approval EN301489, EN 61326, EN61000
      Depth rating (Eco) 50 m
      Depth rating (Release) 60 m
    • Materials

      Standard model POM
    • Dimensions

      Maximum diameter 85 mm
      Maximum length 130 mm
    • Weight

      Weight in air 1.02 kg
      Weight in water 0.28 kg

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