Increased demand for ROVs and deepwater equipment indicates a more optimistic offshore market

The beginning of 2021 saw a very positive outlook for offshore operations and maintenance (O&M), with a record number of orders for Seatronics’ VALOR ROV and increased demand for deepwater equipment. In an offshore market on the rebound, Nortek’s tried and tested subsea navigation sensors have helped Seatronics provide reliable solutions to their clients.
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While 2020 was a challenging year for most offshore operators, the beginning of 2021 shows promising signs of recovery and a window of opportunity for producers. For Seatronics, an Acteon company, this renewed optimism in the offshore market has resulted in the significant and expected increase in demand for their VALOR system.

Reaching beyond its class, the VALOR is one of the lightest yet most powerful observation ROVs available. The standard system has been built to 300 m depth rated; however, the unique design of this platform allows the vehicle to be extended up to 1000 m with simple modifications.

The versatility of VALOR is a good fit for offshore operations and maintenance, given the significant payload, great power capability and available bandwidth allowing the ROV to manage complex tooling and sensor packages. The VALOR uses Nortek’s 1 MHz Doppler Velocity Log, the DVL1000, to secure accurate navigation underwater for this ROV.

VALOR is a light and powerful observation ROV using Nortek’s DVL for accurate subsea navigation.

“We turned to Nortek for our subsea navigation needs because of the accurate, reliable and repeatable data provided by the system. Coupled with the small form factor and integration support from Nortek, this makes it a perfect solution for VALOR,” says Scott Gray, Regional Manager at Seatronics.

An ideal fit for versatile and capable ROVs

This DVL is a small and compact aid to subsea navigation that provides superior performance for its size. Its low power makes Nortek’s DVL1000 an ideal fit for versatile and capable ROVs such as the VALOR. With an exceptional bottom-tracking algorithm that enables improved inspections close to the seabed, Nortek’s DVL is also proving to be a popular choice for offshore operations and maintenance.

“The increase in offshore activity and corresponding surge in demand for our VALOR ROV has also enabled us to add more Nortek DVLs and Signature ADCPs to our ever-increasing rental pool. Having high-quality equipment available for our clients’ immediate requirements throughout our global offices allows Seatronics to remain the leading provider of marine electronics solutions to the global subsea market,” says Brett Laurenson, Sales Director at Seatronics.

Timely and reliable subsea navigation data

Nortek’s Signature55 acoustic Doppler current profilers (ADCPs) are part of a package of instrumentation required to support deepwater operations. With a current profile range of 1000 m together with real-time data transmission, Nortek’s Signature55 ADCPs are used to gather data on the oceanographic conditions that are critical to complex offshore operations.

“When the difference between starting and stopping an operation comes down to tight metocean conditions, you need timely and reliable data to make those key decisions. Our long-range Signature55 ADCP provides exactly that,” says Claire Cardy.

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Nortek’s DVL is here seen mounted on Seatronics’ VALOR ROV.


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