Nortek Signature1000 1 Mhz Sideview
Signature1000 1 Mhz 1
Signature1000 1 Mhz 4
Signature1000 1 Mhz 2
Nortek Signature1000 1 Mhz Sideview
Signature1000 1 Mhz 1
Signature1000 1 Mhz 4
Signature1000 1 Mhz 2



300 m

High-performance mean currents and turbulence, wave height and direction

  • Five beams for mean currents and turbulence
  • Wave height and direction
  • Very small size and weight


The Signature1000 ADCP is the optimal tool for turbulence measurements. With a maximum sampling frequency of 16 Hz, it gives the scientific community an unprecedented opportunity to study a part of the turbulence spectrum that has never been accessible before. Vertical resolution current profiles of 2 cm over a range of up to 8 m further increase the Signature1000’s versatility, as does its ability to measure wave height and direction. The center beam also functions as a biological echosounder, enabling high-resolution measurements of biomass in the water column.

  • Currents
  • Turbulence
  • Waves
  • Echosounder


  • Five beams for mean currents and turbulence
  • Wave height and direction
  • Ice thickness and ice drift
  • Very small size and weight


  • Simultaneous current and turbulence studies up to 30m range
  • Sediment transport studies or biomass estimates using optional scientific echosounder
  • Buoy-mounted measurements in high-energy areas with optional AHRS for motion correction
  • Wave measurements and ice monitoring using acoustic surface tracking (AST)


The Signature Deployment software guides users through setup to ensure even the most detailed concurrent measurement schemes are handled correctly and makes certain all users can fully utilize the capabilities of the Signature1000 ADCP, including current, wave and turbulence measurements.


Teams of all sizes can successfully deploy the Signature1000 thanks to its small size (21.2cm height), as well as dependable buoy and bottom frame solutions from Nortek and leading industry partners tailored for the instrument. Optional AHRS updated at the same rate as sampling improves motion correction during vehicle and buoy-mounted measurements.


Ethernet and optional serial data communications makes retrieval of data quick and easy, including post-recovery download or real-time applications. Ocean Contour is a powerful postprocessing software created specifically for the AD2CP platform.

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Maximum profiling range1)

25 m (burst mode), 30 m (average mode)

Cell size

0.2-2 m

Minimum blanking

0.1 m

Maximum number of cells

256 (burst)/200 (average)

Velocity range (along beam)

User-selectable 2.5 or 5.0 m/s

Minimum accuracy

0.3% of measured value ± 0.3 cm/s

Velocity precision

Broadband processing, consult instrument software

Velocity resolution

0.1 cm/s

Max sampling rate

16 Hz (8 Hz using 5 beams)

Velocity range

3 cm/s - 1.4 m/s

Cell size

2-25 cm

Profiling range

10 cm - 8 m

Range velocity limitations

Product of profiling range and velocity should not exceed 3.0 m2/s.


Burst or average


Burst and average


Single and/or concurrent


Same as velocity

Resolution/ dynamic range

0.5 dB / 70 dB

Transducer acoustic frequency

1 MHz

Number of beams

5; 4 slanted at 25°, 1 vertical

Beam width



3 mm - 0.25 m

Number of bins


Transmit pulse length

16 μs - 0.5 ms

Transmit pulse

Monochromatic or pulse compressed (25% BW)

Resolution / dynamic range

0.01 dB / 70 dB

AST frequency

1 MHz

AST max distance

34 m

Maximum wave measurement depth

30 m

Height range

-15 to +15 m

Accuracy/resolution (Hs)

< 1% of measured value / 2 cm

Accuracy/resolution (Dir)

2° / 0.1°

Period range

0.5-50 s

Cut-off period (Hs)

5 m depth; 0.6 sec, 20 m depth; 1.1 sec

Cut-off period (dir)

5 m depth; 1.5 sec, 20 m depth; 3.1 sec

Sampling rate (velocity and AST)

8 Hz




Thermistor in head (sampled at meas. rate)

Temp. range

-4 to +40 °C

Temp. accuracy/resolution

0.1 °C/0.01 °C

Temp. time response

2 min


Solid State magnetometer (max 1 Hz samplerate)


2° for tilt < 30°/0.01°


Solid State accelerometer (max 1 Hz sample rate)


0.2° for tilt < 30°/0.01°

Maximum tilt

Full 3D

Up or Down

Automatic detect


Piezoresistive (sampled at meas. rate)

Standard range

0-100 m (inquire for options)


0.1% FS / Better than 0.002% of full scale

Accelerometer dynamic range

± 2 g

Gyro dynamic range

± 250°/sec

Magnetometer dynamic range

± 1.3 Gauss

Pitch and roll range / resolution

± 90° (pitch) ± 180° (roll) /0.01°

Pitch and roll accuracy

± 2° (dynamic)*, ± 0.5° (static, ±30°)

Heading range / resolution

360°, all axis /0.01°

Heading accuracy

± 3° (dynamic)4), ± 2° (static, tilt < 20°)

Sampling rate

Same as measurement rate (up to 16 Hz)

  • Dynamic specifications depends on the type of motion.


16 GB, 64 GB or 128 GB (inquire for larger capacity)

Data record

Consult instrument software


Stop when full


± 1 min/year

Clock retention in absence of external power

1 year. Rechargeable backup battery


10/100 Mbits Auto MDI-X, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, HTTP protocols, Fixed IP / DHCP client /Auto IP address assignment, UPnP and Nortek proprietary instrument, discovery over Ethernet


Configurable RS-232/RS-422 300-1250000 bps

Recorder download baud rate

20 Mbit/s (Ethernet only) - 1 GB in 6 minutes

Controller interface

ASCII command interface over Telnet and serial

Depending on configuration

MCBH6F (Ethernet), MCBH8F (serial), MCBH2F-G2 (pwr), optional Souriau M-series metal connector for online use (10M)


Deployment planning, instrument configuration, data retrieval and conversion (for Windows®)

DC input

12-48 V DC

Maximum peak current

1.5 A

Max. average consumption at 1 Hz

8 W at 1 Hz, Ethernet adds 0.75 W

Typical average consumption

15 mW

Sleep consumption

100 μA, power depending on supply voltage

Transmit power per beam

0.3-30 W, adjustable levels

Ping sequence



90 Wh alkaline


Depending on configuration, consult software

Operating temperature

-4 to +40 °C

Storage temperature

-20 to +60 °C



EMC approval

IEC/EN 61000-6-2, 61000-6-3

Depth rating

300 m (for 6000 m version, contact Nortek for specifications)

Standard model

POM with titanium fasteners

Maximum diameter

142 mm

Maximum length with room for internal batteries

212 mm

Maximum length without room for internal batteries

152 mm

In air, no battery

2.21 kg (1.9 kg short)

In water, no battery

-0.09 kg (0.3 kg short)


0.71 kg

Signature 1000 General Arrangement - NGA061-002 Rev.-

Declaration of conformity
Statement of compliance
Vibration test - Signature


5-beam head

Standard, with room for internal battery

Short, no room for battery

16 GB SD card data logger

64 GB SD card data logger

Pressure sensor, 0-10 m, 0,1%

Pressure sensor, 0-20 m, 0,1%

Pressure sensor, 0-30 m, 0,1%

Pressure sensor, 0-50 m, 0,1%

Pressure sensor, 0-100 m, 0,1%

Pressure sensor, 0-200m, 0,1%

Pressure sensor, 0-500m, 0,1%

Pressure sensor, 0-500m, 0,1% (Note: instrument depth rating is 300m)

10m Ethernet cable with MCIL6MP, Power/RJ45 at dry end

10-100m Ethernet cable (specify length in comments field) with MCIL6MP-PWR/RJ45

10m Serial RS232 cable, MCIL8MP-DB12

10m Serial RS232 cable, MCIL8MP-DB9 w/RS485 trigger

Serial RS422 cable >10m (specify length in comments field), MCIL8MP-DB9

Online cable, Souriau 10M open ended, (specify length in comments field)

Online cable, Souriau 10M PWR/RJ45, max 100m, (specify length in comments field)

Compass and tilt sensor


Data visualization and processing software for AD2CP. Request quote for license

Virtual COM port driver to allow Nortek's serial-to-USB converters to function.

Upgrade highly recommended. New features, fixes and functionality.

Deployment software for all Signature series instruments as an installer file. You may download it now and install later if needed. Use the Help menu "Check for updates" function to get the latest firmware and software versions. Should a 32bit be required it may be downloaded here.

The installer file of Signature Deployment as available through Microsoft Store. Use the Help menu "Check for updates" function to get the latest firmware and software versions.

Deployment software for all Signature series instruments available through Microsoft Store. Use the Help menu "Check for updates" function to get the latest firmware and software versions.

Data viewer and post-processing software for Signature series instruments.

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