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Return instrument to NortekUSA for service or repair

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    • The return of instruments to NortekUSA for service or repair has several formal steps:
    • Please note that there is a minimum charge for any instrument return. This charge should be paid in the web store or we will need a formal order from your purchasing department.
    • As soon as the order process is initiated, we will issue an RMA number (Return merchandise authorization) that should be written into all the relevant shipping documents. Unauthorized returns may be refused.
    • When preparing the instrument for return, please make sure you follow these instructions:
      1. Care should be taken to remove marine growth, anti-fouling paints or toxins. Instruments that have obvious marine growth or are covered with unidentified substances may be refused.
      2. Please remove all batteries before shipment. Be especially careful to remove lithium or lithium-ion batteries since they are considered dangerous goods. If batteries are included, you will not get them back after repair or service.
      3. Note that freight insurance for inbound transport is not covered by Nortek so please make sure the shipment is insured (see below for more information).
    • When we receive your instrument, we will inspect it and send you a status notification within five working days. If the service to be done only includes standard maintenance (inspection and testing of all for sensors basic functionality, cleaning O-ring grooves and changing O-rings), there will be no additional charge beyond the initial fee. If a repair is required, we will send you a quotation within ten working days after we received the instrument.
    • For systems that require repair, you have a maximum of six weeks to issue a purchase order after you have received our quotation. If we don't hear from you during this period, the instrument will be returned to your address with UPS ground service.

    About insurance: You must make sure your goods are properly insured before shipping to NortekUSA. We will not be held responsible if the instrument is damaged or lost during transport. Similarly, we will not be held responsible for consequential damages as a result of instruments becoming damaged or lost while being shipped to us for repair. Nortek will always insure instruments returned to a customer after service or repair. You will be invoiced the cost of this insurance along with other charges relating to the repair. If the instrument is repaired under warranty, Nortek will cover all return shipping and insurance costs.

Technical Specifications

All instrument sensors are checked for proper operation before it is returned:
Pressure sensor Inspected for dirt and corrosion. Checked for proper response over 0 - 1 m range
Temperature sensor Checked for functional response in cold / warm water
Pitch and roll sensor Checked for dynamic response and correct sign
Heading sensor Checked for dynamic response during rotation
Input voltage Checked for proper operation over full range of input voltages
Power consumption Checked for common current drain during sleep mode and command mode
Acoustic transmitter Checked for proper operation during transmit
Acoustic receiver Checked for proper noise level
Optional Input/output Checked for proper operation
Mechanical Sealing surfaces inspected, O-rings replaced, new screws/bolts if required
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