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Autonomous docking of resident subsea vehicles using Nortek DVLs

Allowing an inspection or survey vehicle to remain submerged for many months at a time has several benefits, one being the reduction of carbon…

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6 minutes
Autonomous docking of resident subsea vehicles using Nortek DVLs

Boosting maritime safety with real-time data of waves and currents near ports in West Africa

For the maritime authorities in the West African nation of Togo, keeping vessels safe is a top priority, as is safeguarding the marine environment…

User stories Oceanography Vessel-mounted
5 minutes
Port of Lome Togo West Africa

Improving hurricane preparedness in Colombia with wave and current data

Adaptation and mitigation measures for hurricanes affecting Colombia have been hampered by the lack of an in-situ meteorological and oceanographic…

User stories Oceanography
10 minutes

Improving metocean forecasts with wave and current data from an extreme ocean environment

The perilous Lofoten Maelstrom is infamous for its extreme currents, which have put seafarers in grave danger and caused shipwrecks down through the…

User stories Oceanography
9 minutes
Metocean forecasts with wave and current data - Lofoten

Observing flow patterns with the Eco ADCP to understand the formation of sandy coastal features

Researchers at TU Delft in cooperation with Utrecht University are using ADCPs to measure hydrodynamic conditions at an artificially reinforced sand…

User stories Oceanography
5 minutes
Nortek instrument on the beach

Preventing biofouling on ADCPs deployed in the field

Biofouling is a problem that may not come top of all marine scientists’ priorities when preparing underwater instruments for deployment. However, in…

12 minutes
Biofouling adcp 07b
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