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Investigating coral recovery on the Great Barrier Reef with acoustic instrumentation

Researchers at the Heron Island Research Station in Australia are using a Vector velocimeter to determine how much hydrodynamic energy it takes to…

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14 minutes
Turtle and vector

Gathering current and wave data for coastal protection engineering in the Maldives

Find out how a marine consultancy relied on Nortek ADCPs for preliminary surveys of a lagoon in the Maldives ahead of the design and construction of…

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5 minutes
Maldives coastal engineering

How atmospheric and oceanographic research helps improve understanding of past climates and geology

Studying the formation of salt layers in the Dead Sea helps researchers understand Earth’s geological history and past climatic conditions.…

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5 minutes
Oceanographic research

Exploring Mediterranean Sea waters with a state-of-the-art combined current profiler and echosounder

A test deployment in the Mediterranean shows how the Signature100 current profiler – with dedicated echosounder functionality – provides…

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6 minutes
Echosounder vessel

Wind, waves and gravel transport: Studying coastal erosion in the Dead Sea

Coastal erosion is reshaping our world, threatening homes, industries and culturally important places. By taking advantage of the unique conditions…

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12 minutes
Coastal erosion 10

Measuring the erosive force of infragravity waves with ADCPs

As sea levels continue to rise and storms intensify, coastal erosion is becoming increasingly problematic for many nations across the world. This…

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8 minutes
Beach picture

Understanding ADCPs: a guide to measuring currents, waves & turbulence with acoustic sensors

The purpose of this guide is to give you some background information about Doppler technology and the science behind it. This will help you to get…

Nortek Wiki Oceanography Subsea navigation
48 minutes
Coastal landscape with Nortek instrumentation
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