Webinar: Long-term wave monitoring with a Nortek AWAC in support of coastal planning and design efforts in Norfolk, VA - Nortek Day March 2021

Long-term Wave Monitoring with a Nortek AWAC in Support of Coastal Planning and Design Efforts in Norfolk, VA: Trap Puckette, RPS Group. Presented at Virtual Nortek Day on March 17, 2021.

RPS has been collecting current and wave data in the lower portion of the Chesapeake Bay for the past 15 years using a bottom mounted Nortek AWAC. The data is used by the City of Norfolk and their coastal engineering consultant, Moffatt & Nichol, to support the design of a number of large coastal structures during that time and also to assess the performance of those structures during storm events. The data has also been used be a variety of organizations to support the calibration and validation of various wave and current models of the lower portion of the Bay.

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