2019 11 12 NORTEK Produkter0933 main picture
VM Operations 333 k Hz Sea valve
VM Operations 333 k Hz
Processing Unit
Ops software web
2019 11 12 NORTEK Produkter0933 main picture
VM Operations 333 k Hz Sea valve
VM Operations 333 k Hz
Processing Unit
Ops software web

Vessel mounted

VM Operations

333 kHz

Le package Signature VM fournit les capacités d'un AD2CP monté sur coque


The Signature VM Coastal safeguards data quality, opens up new and unprecedented opportunities to the scientific community, and offers operational convenience and reduced complexity.

The Signature VM Coastal package includes the Signature1000, 500 or 250, allowing for great versatility in both the vessel-mounted and bottom-mounted configurations. By using a state-of-the-art and user-friendly vessel-mounted package, measurement errors and initial installation time can be greatly reduced.

  • Currents
  • Bottom track

Points forts

  • A coherent system that is quick and convenient to operate
  • Fifth echosounder beam for sediment measurements down to the bottom (1000/500)
  • Ethernet ADCP and GNSS hardware, offering tight network timing
  • Simultaneous current and depth information in one place (1000/500)
  • Outstanding bottom-track performance, even under challenging conditions
  • Straightforward data-acquisition and processing software


  • Coastal surveys, up to 200 m depth
  • Port and harbor mapping
  • Studies of tidal currents
  • Sediment transport studies
  • Large-scale mixing studies


The in-water serviceable sea valve solution is a convenient mounting choice for offshore operational vessels. The transducer head can also be mounted with a bracket for permanent pole or hull mount structures. The system connects to a junction box for power and communication.


A type-approved sea valve solution makes the ADCP in-water serviceable. Data is streamed directly from the hull of the vessel into the control room in real time during operation.


Designated software provides real-time current speed and direction in a 3D profile plot below the vessel, a history plot for predicting future windows of opportunity, as well as other views of information from the system for operators to make decisions at a glance. Data can also be easily fed into a third-party software.

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Profiling range*

100 m

Cell size

1–6 m

Max no. cells


Min. blanking

0.5 m

Minimum accuracy

0.3% of the measured value

Velocity resolution

0.1 cm/s

Maximum sampling rate

2 Hz

No. of beams

4 slanted at 25 degrees

*) Maximum range depends on acoustic scattering conditions and transmit power.

Single ping std @ 3 m/s

0.5 cm/s

Long-term accuracy (1)

± 0.3%

Minimum altitude

0.3 m

Maximum altitude (2)

150 m

Velocity resolution

0.01 mm/s

Maximum sampling rate

2 Hz

(1) Following standard callibration procedures

(2) Bottom-track distance dependent upon bottom type

Temperature sensor range / accuracy

-4 °C to 40 °C / 0.1 °C




Solid State magnetometer


Solid State accelerometer


Attitude sensor (option)


Ethernet (DF21 over serial as option)

DC Input

24 V DC

Operating temperature

0 °C to 40 °C

Storage temperature

-20 °C to 60 °C

Depth rating

Bottom track is limited to surface vessels

Instrument materials

POM with Titanium fastener

Instrument weight

7 kg


Instrument to be flush mounted with hull (sea valve solution)

Sea valve (option)

DNV type approval; TAS00002CU

Sea valve material

Ductile Iron (body), Bronze (seat)

Sea valve weight

85 kg

Bell housing material

Steel DIN17121

Bell housing weight

29 kg


Intel i5/8 GB

Hard disk

SSD, 256 GB

Operating system

Windows® 10


19" rack-mountable 2 HE


482x87x400 mm


110-240 V AC, 100 W Max

Total weight

7 kg


Power, Signature ADCP, 2x DisplayPort, 1x LAN, 2x USB, 4x RS232|RS422|RS485 configurable port*

*) Processing unit requires heading and GNSS input over Serial or Ethernet

Acquisition input

Signature VM - binary


Signature VM ADCP, Alignment offsets, Outputs


Vessel track in map, Bottom-track magnitude, direction and depth: (SOG), (COG), Speed Through Water (STW), Mean water column magnitude and direction, 4x depth selectable layer (magnitude and direction), 3D velocity profile (magnitude and direction), 2D vessel cross track current, 24h mean current and direction history (tides), Notes, Echo correlation, Echo amplitude


Signature VM BT and VB + NMEA GGA, HDT, VTG

Online output

NMEA data formats or binary AD2CP with embedded NMEA. DF21 BT proprietary (optional)

Post processing

Signature review software (optional)

Multi vessel display

VM Operations streaming data and display (optional)

*Please note that the package includes the VM Operations acquisition software. The post-processing Review software is optional.

Signature VM 333 kHz ADCP
Signature500 - General arrangement
Signature1000 - General arrangement

Declaration of Conformity - Signature1000

Signature1000 VM

Signature500 VM

Signature250 VM

5-beam head (1000, 500)

4-beam head (250)

5-beam head (adds 500 kHz center transducer for wave measurements) (250)

Short, no room for battery (external battery canister for bottom mount use)

16 GB SD card data logger

64 GB SD card data logger

128 GB SD card data logger

Pressure sensor 0-100 m, 0.1% (standard) All other available Signature1000_500

Pressure sensor 0-300 m, 0.1% (standard) All other available Signature250

AD2CP: 20 m Ethernet cable with MCIL6MP, Power/RJ45 at dry end (standard)

AD2CP: 10-100 m Ethernet cable (specify length) with MCIL6MP-PWR/RJ45

GNSS: GC-POE-CABLE-20M Ethernet cable for GNSS Compass 20 m (please inquire for other length)

Vessel Mounted over the side

Vessel Hull mounted

Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) mounted (please inquire)

Compass and Tilt sensor


High Accuracy Heading GNSS (RTK)

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