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Nortek Netherlands is hiring!

As our Netherlands office continues to grow and develop new and innovative vessel-mounted current measurement systems, it is seeking a Software Engineer, Support Engineer and Sales Engineer.
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About Nortek

Nortek designs, develops and produces acoustic underwater sensors that are used to measure motion in our marine environment. These sensors include Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs), used to measure currents and waves, and Doppler Velocity Logs (DVLs), used as a navigation aid for subsea vehicles.

We pride ourselves on our reliable and comprehensive instruments as well as our responsive support team. Scientists, engineers and roboticists worldwide trust our team and our solutions for a variety of applications.

Our headquarters and factory are in Rud, Norway, outside of Oslo, but we are a global company with subsidiaries all over the world.

To learn more about Nortek Group, check out our About Us page.

What is the role of Nortek Netherlands?

Nortek Netherlands is a subsidiary of Nortek Group, located in Hoofddorp, just outside of Amsterdam. We have our own product series for vessel-mounted measurement of currents. We saw that there was a standstill in the development of better vessel-mounted current measurement technology, and in 2016 we launched our first package in this series, designed for coastal measurements. Users wanted to take current measurements from a moving vessel but in an easier and simpler way, with less focus on complex technology and more on quality data. We used Nortek’s Signature ADCP technology to be able to acquire the best data and use newer features, while focusing on designing an integrated solution that requires less technical expertise from the user to successfully use the system.

Where does vessel-mounted current measurement fit into the modern marine industry and environment?

Climate change has been putting increased pressure on the marine environment. Studying this environment via current measurements can help us understand these changes and inform mitigation efforts. Along with this, coastal communities need to adapt to changing coastlines. Rising sea levels require coastal protection and management strategies. In the Netherlands, which is in large part situated below sea level, we need to understand the coastal ocean's processes to know how we can protect ourselves.

Climate change also affects rivers. For example, the River Rhine, one of the largest rivers in Europe, had record-low river discharge in the summer of 2022, partly due to a reduced amount of snow in the Alps. This created problems for shipping and the supply of fresh water in large parts of Germany and in the Netherlands. In 2020, the situation was the opposite due to large amounts of rain in Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands. Around the world, rivers, river deltas and coastlines are all changing, and we play a role in understanding how.

Another trend in the offshore industry is the increased installation and operation of offshore wind farms. The installations are performed using larger and larger vessels, moving farther offshore. To perform those installations, operators need real-time information about the currents in the areas where they are working.

We are also influenced by an increased attention to safety and sustainability in the marine industry. Our clients want to limit the number of people on board vessels, meaning their systems, including our current measurement systems, must be reliable and able to be serviced remotely. We are also focused on safety and sustainability internally, and Nortek Group has efforts in place to reduce CO2 emissions and support cleaner oceans.

VM training with our colleagues from Norway, USA, Australia, Brasil and Italy.
VM training with our colleagues from Norway, USA, Australia, Brasil and Italy.

What kinds of applications are vessel mounted current measurements used in?

The first application we worked with was coastal measurements, typically in river mouths or estuaries. Those areas are changing due to climate change and there is a need for better data. These studies are of particular interest to a growing group of young scientists and hydrographic surveyors. We first saw success with our coastal vessel-mounted systems in China, the UK and the Netherlands.

Building on that success, we developed a system for deeper-water applications and open ocean current measurements. One of these systems allows for the estimation of biomass from the same instrument, providing insights on resources such as krill.

In 2022, we released a system for operational offshore vessels that has a special certified mounting mechanism, special electronic hardware designed for use on these vessels and software tailored to offshore operations. Our software engineers continue to improve the software for these systems, taking advantage of the options that software tools and platforms offer.

Why are we looking for additional people?

Nortek Netherlands has grown considerably over the last few years and we want to continue that growth. We see room for broadening and improving existing applications as well as developing new systems. As we continue to expand and improve our systems, we need to rely on the expertise of a diverse and experienced group of people. We work with industry partners and field-test our solutions to ensure this continual improvement.

Who are we looking for?

1. Software engineer - (hired)

We are looking for an experienced software engineer to join our team and continually improve the software associated with our vessel-mounted current measurement systems.

2. Support engineer (hired)

We are in need of a support engineer who can help clients solve problems with vessel-mounted measurement as well as perform physical installation in the Netherlands and beyond.

3. Sales engineer (on hold)

In order to grow, we need to find new customers and support our existing clientele. We are looking for a salesperson who can sell instruments for underwater navigation and vessel-mounted current measurements in the offshore market.

If you wish to apply for any of these positions, please do so through the links above. Any questions? Reach out to Nortek Netherlands here.


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