Webinar: Single-point measurements of 3D water velocity in oceans, lakes, & rivers

Standard ADCP measurements are in most cases quite coarse, with limited ability to reveal the detailed flow patterns and turbulent structures of the water masses.

To obtain more detailed data, other measurement methods which still utilize the Doppler shift, but focus on a single-point or cell are needed.

At the extreme end of the scale, the Nortek Vector velocimeter provides a 64 Hz sampling rate in a 1 cm^3 sampling volume. Focusing on a single cell at this very high rate allows one to capture details in rapidly changing flow environments or fluctuations close to boundaries.

Another type of environment which presents measurement difficulties is the low-scatter, deep ocean. Here, deep-water current meters rated for 6000 m help researchers understand the secrets that lie far beneath the surface and the currents that determine our climate.

The webinar aims at giving you a good understanding of whether single-point current meters can be useful for the challenges you are faced with in your daily operations.

Key takeaways from this webinar:

  • How various types of Doppler-based current meters work, and what their limitations are
  • Examples of applications where current meters provide highly valuable information
  • Knowledge about how current meters can be configured optimally
  • Educational videos


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