NEW3 Nortek Aquadopp Current meter 500m 2 H Mz S2 VC sideview
Aquadopp300 1
Nortek Aquadopp Current meter 500m
NEW3 Nortek Aquadopp Current meter 500m 2 H Mz S2 VC sideview
Aquadopp300 1
Nortek Aquadopp Current meter 500m


Aquadopp 500 m

Highly versatile single-point current meter with the option to perform PUV wave measurements

  • Single-point current meter
  • Perfect for mooring lines
  • PUV-based directional wave measurements


The Aquadopp 500 m is a compact, accurate and affordable single-point current meter for applications where a current profile is not needed. Designed for use in several deployment scenarios, from mooring lines to bottom-mounted structures, it also has the option to perform PUV-based directional wave measurements, making it a cost-effective and simple solution.

The Aquadopp now offers 6% broadband measurements and “hibernation mode” between measurements, enabling precise data collection with lower power consumption. Combined with mechanical improvements allowing for more internal battery storage, the modern Aquadopp design extends potential deployment duration.

  • Currents
  • Waves


  • Single-point current meter
  • Perfect for mooring lines
  • Simple pressure-based (PUV) directional wave measurements in shallow water
  • LED blinks when pinging for peace of mind during deployment


  • Attached to mooring lines
  • Combined with riser monitoring systems
  • Shallow-water wave and current measurements
  • Studies of tidal currents
  • Near bed current measurements


Nortek deployment software allows users to customize their 500m Aquadopp current meter deployment in a straightforward manner, providing guidance on deployment schemes, battery power and required internal memory.


The Aquadopp is the ideal current meter for an ADCP mooring, but it is also compatible with bottom- or buoy-mounted setups. Teams of all sizes can successfully deploy an Aquadopp thanks to its compact size and ability to run entirely on internal battery power.


Nortek postprocessing software and/or display software is available for review, visualization, and processing of data, after deployment or in real time.

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Cell size

0.75 m

Maximum number of cells


Distance to measurement

1.0-6.0 m (user-selectable)

Velocity range

±1 m/s, ±2.5 m/s, ±5 m/s

Velocity range (horizontal)

±2.3 m/s, ±5.75 m/s, ±11.5 m/s


±1% of measured value ±0.5 cm/s

Horizontal velocity precision (consult instrument SW)

Typ. 1 cm/s

Maximum sampling rate (output)

1 Hz

Wave measurements

PUV (optional)


Same as velocity


0.5 dB

Dynamic range

90 dB

Transducer acoustic frequency

2 MHz

Number of beams


Beam width

0.85° (1.7° total)


Temp. range

-4 to +40 °C

Temp. accuracy/resolution

0.1 °C/0.01 °C

Temp. time response

<1 min


Solid State Magnetometer


<2° for tilt <30°/0.01°


Solid State Accelerometer


0.2° for tilt <30°/0.01°

Maximum tilt

Full 3D

Up or Down

Automatic detect




30 m/100 m/500 m


0.5% FS / 0.005% of full scale

No. of channels


Digital input format

MicroCat CTD


16 GB


±1 min/year

Backup in absence of power

4 weeks


RS-422 (inquire for RS-232)

Communication baud rate

9600 Baud-1.2 Mbaud (default 115200 Baud)

User control

Nortek Deployment Software or direct ASCII commands, with binary or ASCII data output

Operating system



Deployment planning, instrument configuration, data retrieval and conversion. Online data display

DC input

9-24 VDC

Absolute maximum DC input

26 VDC

Maximum peak current

4.5 A

Power consumption

Consult Nortek Deployment Software

Sleep current

< 10 uA

Transmit power


Internal battery capacity

1-3 x 50 Wh (Alkaline), 2-3 x 165 Wh (Lithium), 1-3 x 76 Wh (Li-Ion)

Battery weight

430g per 50 Wh (Alkaline), 380g per 165 Wh (Lithium), 300g per 76 Wh (Li-Ion)

Operating temperature

-5 to +40 °C

Storage temperature

-20 to +60 °C

Shock and vibration

Shock: IEC 60068-2-27, Vibration: IEC 60068-2-64


EN IEC 61000-6-2:2019, EN IEC 61000-6-4:2019

Depth rating

500 m

Bulkhead (Impulse)

MCBH-8-FS Brass


PMCIL-8-MP on 5 m (default) polyurethane cable

Standard model

POM, Naval Brass, Titanium Gr.5, Epoxy

Maximum housing diameter

75 mm

Maximum length

S2VC: 593 mm, S2SC: 634 mm

Weight in air (without batteries)

S2VC: 2480g, S2SC: 2710g

Weight in water (without batteries)

S2VC: -150g, S2SC: -50g


Shallow water, 2MHz, Vertical orientation, Current meter


Shallow water, 2MHz, Side-looking orientation, Current meter

Aquadopp 500m S2VC
Aquadopp 500m S2SC

Declaration of conformity

Pressure sensor, 0-30 m

Pressure sensor, 0-100 m

Pressure sensor, 0-500m

5m RS422 polyurethane cable with 8-pin inline connector and USB converter

10m RS422 polyurethane cable with 8-pin inline connector and USB converter

Note. Firmware for legacy systems (pre April 2008) with version numbers starting with 0. or 1.

New features, fixes and functionality

Data conversion to MATLAB format (*.mat)

Display of Aquadopp data

Converts Vector (.vec) files to .adv
Converts PolySync Vectrino (.vno) files to .adv
Converts Aquadopp (.aqd) and Vector (.vec) wave burst data to AWAC (.wpr) format

Deployment planning, execution and recovery for Aquadopps purchased before October 2023

The standard deployment software for Nortek Aquadopp and Aquadopp Profiler instruments purchased after October 2023.

The software can be launched from your web browser, installed from Microsoft Store or downloaded as an offline installer file.

Processing of waves

Data processing and ready-to-print reporting software. Request quote for license

Analysis and processing of currents and directional waves. Request quote for license

Analysis and processing of current profiles. Request quote for license

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