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How Plymouth University students get to grips with measuring currents through hands-on experience

During the final month of their second year, BSc Oceanography and Coastal Processes students at Plymouth University get important practical training…

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Nortek students before deployment

Contributing to sustainable energy production from tidal turbines

Replacing fossil fuels with sustainable alternatives is both necessary and challenging. Meanwhile, tidal and river energy are among the key sources…

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9 minutes

Providing high-performing current profiling for oil and gas production in Brazil

A company in the oil and gas industry needed a longer current profiling range for their floating production facility in Brazil, and found a solution…

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4 minutes
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Real-time AWAC wave data used at Duck Field Research Facility

The US Army Corps of Engineers posted real-time data from one of four AWAC current profilers deployed in a cross-shelf array at the Duck Field…

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2 minutes
Contour2D Awac03 02

Offering optimal navigational performance for diver sonars through Nortek DVL integration

Small underwater vehicles are becoming more prevalent in the subsea community. The Nortek DVL can be customized for operational users of workclass…

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4 minutes
IMG 9981 2

A compact DVL improving the efficiency and quality of ROV data collection

Steep underwater walls are often important to investigate for multiple scientific end users such as biologists and geologists, as well as…

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7 minutes
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