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DVLs with bottom-tracking algorithms that improve accuracy and reliability for subsea navigation

Navigating subsea presents many challenges, and having a reliable navigation system is critical for successfully conducting a subsea mission with an ROV or AUV. Why is a sophisticated DVL with an advanced bottom-tracking algorithm crucial f...

Two problems in sediment measurements tackled

ADCPs are great for current measurements, but can they be improved for sediment measurements? Absolutely! In this article you will find out how the Signature1000 echosounder improves two important aspects of your sediment measurements.

Explaining online measurement of oceanographic data

What is online measurement of oceanographic data, and how does it work? Read our explanation here:

Taking back surface-buoy-based ADCP measurements

Adding sophisticated Attitude and Heading Reference Sensors (AHRS) inside our series of Signature ADCPs is helping scientists and ocean engineers obtain reliable data from ADCPs mounted on surface buoys.

UK’s National Oceanography Centre (NOC) selects Nortek and iXblue for subsea navigation

UK’s National Oceanography Centre (NOC) has selected a Nortek and iXblue navigation solution to secure outstanding AUV performance during long-term missions.

Helping researchers keep up the quality of Japan’s waters

Although Nortek’s Vector velocimeter is more accustomed to highly energetic environments such as those found in surf zones, researchers in Japan have shown that it is equally at home in much more gentle – yet just as challenging – condition...

Real-time AWAC wave data used at Duck Field Research Facility

The US Army Corps of Engineers posted real-time data from one of four AWAC current profilers deployed in a cross-shelf array at the Duck Field Research Facility, North Carolina.


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