AWAC deployment on two subsurface buoys

The above video illustrates the deployment of two AWAC which was done for a project for the Research Council of Norway with facility support from Lindesnes Fyr.

Here we have two 400 kHz AWACs deployed on subsurface buoys. The buoys are moored to the bottom with about 80 kg of weight (chain). An acoustic release is between one bottom weight and the buoy for retrieval.

The two buoys are separated by 300 meters and connected together by a small line for retrieval. The depths are 70 and 85 meters for these AWACs.

The method requires configuring the AWACs in SUV mode (sub-surface buoy mounted). As you can see, this deployment method requires the least amount of time to deploy, it is also the method that ensures that the AWACs are vertically oriented.

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