Webinar: Vessel-mounted ADCP with integrated echosounder measurements

A robust, coupled, velocity-echogram data set from the tidally influenced Wadden Sea region was born out of a partnership between Nortek BV and WaterProof BV. Data collected with two Signature1000 ADCPs, one vessel-mounted and the other bottom-mounted, is examined in the context of a complex region.

These measurements were collected in the navigational channel between the Dutch mainland and the island of Ameland as part of a large-scale measurement campaign to gain more insight into the hydro- and morphodynamics in the area.

The data set and gained insights are vital to calibrate morphodynamic models that are used to design efficient dredging measures to keep the navigational channel accessible.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Advantages of coupling velocity and echosounder data
  • How detailed measurements can be used to better understand a dynamic area
  • Educational videos


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