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Chinese lab researchers use Vectrino to measure water flow

Researchers at China’s Dalian University of Technology put 28 Vectrinos into operation to measure water flow in a spectacular sensor setup.

Professor Zou Zhi Li and Sun Yang of the State Key Laboratory of Coastal and Offshore Engineering at Dalian University used the units in a series of different flumes, 2D wave tanks and 3D basins. The research included turbulent flow studies, 3D simulations of coastal and offshore flow, as well as ship modelling projects. All 28 Vectrinos were connected to Atop AW5300-WgN1 wireless modems that transmitted the data online to four PCs, each of which can control and receive data from eight Vectrinos in parallel.

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China is now one of the world’s most active countries for hydraulic research. This goes hand in hand with incredible civil engineering activity across the country.

Researchers in China put 28 Vectrinos into operation to measure water flow.
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