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Increased demand for ROVs and deepwater equipment indicates a more optimistic offshore market

The beginning of 2021 saw a very positive outlook for offshore operations and maintenance (O&M), with a record number of orders for Seatronics’ VALOR ROV and increased demand for deepwater equipment. In an offshore market on the rebound, Nortek’s tried and tested subsea navigation sensors have helped Seatronics provide reliable solutions to their clients.

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Women in Nortek share insights on working in the ocean tech industry

Are you considering working in the ocean technology industry, but don’t know what your options are? Talented and inspirational women from Nortek share their paths into what they describe as incredibly fulfilling careers in the ocean technology industry.

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Nortek provides practical, technical training in ocean technology for academics across the world

For academics doing research with ocean technology instrumentation, not all skills can be developed in the lab. Geological Survey of Japan's Dr Mamoru Tanaka joined Nortek Japan for two months to receive practical training in ocean technology and upskill in the principles and applications of ADCPs and ADVs. He is one of many academics that have been given practical training by Nortek to successfully deploy acoustic instrumentation for ocean research.

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DVLs with bottom-tracking algorithms that improve accuracy and reliability for subsea navigation

Navigating subsea presents many challenges, and having a reliable navigation system is critical for successfully conducting a subsea mission with an ROV or AUV. Why is a sophisticated DVL with an advanced bottom-tracking algorithm crucial for subsea vehicles navigating in challenging environments?

Aptomar Sea Dar Q radar system for environmental monitoring1
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NORBIT Aptomar acquires the SeaDarQ radar system for environmental monitoring

Nortek announces the sale of its SeaDarQ radar technology for environmental monitoring and oil spill detection to NORBIT Aptomar, a technology provider to global maritime markets.

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Why patches are the best anti-biofouling solution for an ADCP

We all want our ADCP to gather data accurately and work for as long as possible, but biofouling can stop us achieving both of these objectives. When marine organisms accumulate on a transducer surface, the instrument’s performance can be greatly diminished.

250 k Hz version of Signature VM Coastal offers accurate current profiling to 200 meters
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New 250 kHz version of Signature VM Coastal offers accurate current profiling to 200 meters

Nortek has launched the Signature VM Coastal in a 250 kHz version. This completes the company’s suite of vessel-mounted acoustic Doppler current profilers (ADCPs) designed to measure coastal movements throughout the epipelagic zone.

The Ocean Cleanup
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Nortek redefines current profiling from autonomous vehicles

Installation and operation of current profiling instruments on remote unmanned or autonomous surface vehicles (USVs and ASVs) can be fraught with difficulties. Nortek has made it a lot simpler – and more useful – by combining its Signature VM acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP) system with specially customized software.

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How to get discharge data from Nortek’s vessel-mounted systems

Discharge, or volumetric flow rate, is a key factor in the assessment of watersheds, estuaries and coastal oceans. To date, obtaining discharge with Signature VM data has been left to the user, but the required computation sequence can be a challenge. The latest version of the Signature Review software makes the process easier for users.

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Current measurement made simple and easy

Measurements of current profiles do not have to be complicated. Here’s why ADCPs in the Aquadopp Profiler series prove that current profiles can be easily obtained by users who are less experienced:

Float Vertical Velocity
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U. Washington/APL use Nortek’s Signature1000 to observe fine-scale oceanic velocity structures

The 5th, vertical beam in the Signature1000 can provide unprecedented resolution when using pulse-coherent mode (HR)

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A tailor-made buoy makes the deployment of Signature ADCPs even easier!

We have made life even easier for those working with ADCPs in the field: Nortek is now launching a custom-made subsurface buoy ideal for use with the Signature250 and Signature500 ADCPs.


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