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Nortek Navigation Days: connecting our global navigation community

Nortek’s Boston Navigation Day in November marked the final Navigation Day of 2022, wrapping up a global series of five events spread over four continents. Each event brought together members of the navigation community, including users and creators of AUVs, ROVs, USVs and more.

Nortek instruments ready for deployment
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Dual-frequency, long-range vessel-mounted ADCP gives operators more flexibility

Nortek’s proven and reliable series of Signature VM ADCPs now includes Signature55, a long-range profiling ADCP. This gives operators greater flexibility at multiple ranges – up to 900 m in the vessel-mounted configuration. Easy-to-understand interfaces mean that this system can be operated by a greater variety of potential users.

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8 minutes

Extend your vehicle’s range without compromising on size or accuracy

In response to increased demand for subsea vehicles to be smaller and more versatile while retaining their navigational capabilities, Nortek has developed a new generation of Compact Doppler Velocity Logs (DVLs).

Nucleus in hand
6 minutes

Growing low-cost subsea vehicle market enabled by sensor innovations

The development of small, low-cost subsea vehicles is facilitating commercial and research projects previously beyond the budget and capabilities of many ROV users. Getting the most out of these vehicles means relying on innovative new sensors, which is where Nortek’s new Nucleus1000 comes in.

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Student engineering team integrates Nortek’s new Nucleus1000 navigation sensor on AUV

The Vortex team at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) integrated Nortek’s Nucleus1000 on board their Beluga AUV. This combined navigation solution made space for complementary sensors that helped to improve their performance in this year’s Robosub competition.

Nortek Nucleus1000 - DVL - underwater navigation
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Nucleus1000 – a new DVL that extends your underwater navigation capabilities

Nortek’s latest combined DVL package delivers a suite of integrated underwater navigation sensors at a size, weight and price that will unleash the full potential of smaller subsea vehicles

Nortek Oslo Fjord clean-up 2022
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4 minutes

Nortek holds first annual Oslofjord cleanup

On Sunday, 14 August 2022, Nortek Norway held its first annual Oslofjord cleanup, bringing together the Nortek team and members of the local community to remove litter near the popular swimming spot at Kadettangen in Sandvika.

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Nortek launches River Insight

Nortek Netherlands is pleased to announce the launch of River Insight, a complete solution that helps water authorities manage their discharge requirements.

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Nortek in Brazil to partner with ADCP battery specialists Mitang

To ensure a constant supply of high-quality batteries for Nortek ADCP users in Brazil, Nortek has partnered with Brazilian company and battery industry leader Mitang.

Nortek DVL500 Compact on RO Vs
3 minutes

Compact, high-performance sensor development – a balancing act you need to get right

Subsea vehicles are becoming more capable, whether it is a resident robot that can spend months beneath the surface, or a large ROV performing functions like station keeping without human input. Critical to these functions are the sensors used to input data from the surrounding environment. One such sensor is the Doppler Velocity Log (DVL), which is used to provide vehicles a control system with speed over ground measurements.

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6 minutes

Helping the rapidly expanding USV sector strengthen data collection capabilities with ADCPs

Oceanographic measurements from Uncrewed Surface Vehicles (USVs) are opening new possibilities, and these innovative measurement platforms are pushing in-situ data collection capabilities beyond the norm. Which aspects must users keep in mind as the industry starts to deploy these new vehicles?

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Fulfilling the changing needs of the subsea vehicle market

Doppler Velocity Logs (DVLs) are an essential navigational aid used in subsea operations where GPS is unavailable. DVLs use the Doppler effect to provide estimates of velocity relative to the seabed, preventing errors from accumulating within a vehicle’s navigation system. These sensors ensure that remotely controlled and autonomous underwater vehicles (ROVs and AUVs) can perform a variety of tasks accurately and consistently with minimal human input.


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