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High-performance full ocean depth, single-point current meter with titanium housing


Customer stories
How Bangor University students increase their understanding of sedimentation with Nortek
Test of an Aquadopp current meter near Sidney, Canada
Testing of deep-water (6000 m) Aquadopp
Nortek wiki
New to subsea navigation?
Validation of a new-generation DVL for underwater vehicle navigation
Wave measurement from a subsurface platform


About us
Nortek designs, develops and produces scientific instruments that apply the Doppler principle to underwater acoustics in order to measure water in mot...
Five new, innovative features for Nortek’s Signature series
With latest release of Nortek’s Signature firmware and software, we are introducing five new features that enhance the capabilities of those who use S...
How can I use the Probe Check?
Nortek’s growth brings in more talent
As we are celebrating our 20th anniversary, many professionals have joined Nortek’s international team. As a company, Nortek is experiencing strong fi...
Deployment software for all Signature series instruments. Use the Help menu "Check for updates" function to get the latest firmware and software versi...
I cannot communicate/can only communicate intermittently with my instrument. What shall I do?
How is SNR given in Storm?
Coastal wave measurement
Wave propagation in coastal areas is heavily influenced by land formations and shoaling effects. For this reason, wave statistics cannot easily be pre...
Tidal energy
Tidal energy converters are exposed to extreme forces from strong and rapidly varying currents and waves. Nortek’s solutions help map these to secure ...
Laboratory flow
Laboratory flumes present a challenging environment in which to achieve accurate flow measurements. Velocimeters help scientists and engineers overcom...
What does the error messages for Vectrino Profiler mean?
Tidal power academics win funding
How does the Vector coordinate system work?
SeaDarQ: Chasing oil spills with the latest technology
Maritime Holland
What does Checksum error mean?
What do the AWAC Error Codes mean?
Is bottom tracking an available option for AWAC VM?
Is it possible to post-process data for speed of sound errors?
What should typical power drain be?
How do I synchronize Vectrinos?
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